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London Southend Airport
Main airport web-site link:

Holiday Inn web-site:

Introduction to the Airport Pages

With the development of the “London Southend Airport” we are aware that, here on the southern boundary of Rochford District, we have a resource that many of our readers have already made use of, and many more are likely to in the years to come. With that in mind we considered it well worth while to give over space to both the airport itself and the things happening here.

It is very easy, as we have learnt time and again here at Rochford Life, to be unaware of things right under our noses, and so to continue our “bringing the community to the community” we add these pages.
Below is a map of the new airport area. Scroll down below that to odds and ends of ‘airport information to stir your interest. Links to other pages are above.
For interesting Pilot review (comments) going back to 2003 try
(Established in 2003, UKGA is a free online service for the UK's general aviation community)

For memories of the airport (and Rochford try and click on the memories button

For an intriguingly little site about the airport, try

For more avid enthusiasts no doubt, live flight tracking can be found on

For those becoming interested,  International Air Transport Association airport code (IATA)for Southend is SEN

International Civil Aviation Organization airport code (ICAO) or location indicator for Southend is EGMC

ICAO codes are used by air traffic control and airline operations such as flight planning. They differ from IATA codes, which are generally used for airline timetables, reservations, and baggage tags.

Other ‘Airport’ Articles

“A Look at the Airport”:
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3. Future  
4. Talking to the Managing Director
5. Experiencing the Airport
6. A Question of Noise