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Southend Road  
All Terrain Mobility Ltd

All Terrain Mobility Ltd.

113 Southend Road,

Rochford, SS4 1HX




RL: How long have you been doing this?
Ian: We’ve been in this shop two and a quarter years. Prior to that we spent five years working from home, mainly repairing and refurbishing scooters. I started by buying a second hand scooter and refurbished it and sold it for a profit. A few months later I thought, I could do that again and did another one and it grew from there. Prior to coming here we ended up importing scooters, ten or twelve at a time from Holland which were ex health-service scooters and rebuilding them and selling them on the Internet and that’s how we built our business. Eventually we felt we had done enough of that; it was very hard work and it was taking maybe three or four days to prepare a scooter and we felt we wanted to move into selling new, but because we’ve come from that background we know the scooters inside out. At the moment we have twenty one new scooters here at the shop and we have quite a few more in our workshop which we can’t display for lack of space.        
RL: That is an amazing range of equipment.
Ian: Yes, we’ve got a full range of riser chairs which range from about £695 up to £1295. (Looking at the wall) We even make our own number plates for scooters and we stock every tyre size and every inner tube size. We obviously do scooter insurance and breakdown cover.  My aim is always to be able to say ‘Yes’. If somebody says, “Have you got....?” I want to be able to say, “Yes.”  I can’t always but I can say I’ll usually be able to have it within two days. That’s what we aim for. We also do a full range of incontinence products and also give advice on incontinence.
Opening Times:   9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Saturday, and closed on Sundays                           Article on “Keeping Mobile”

Talking with Ian Halamandres of All Terrain Mobility   (April 27th 2011)
RL: Can we include the young lady behind the desk who answers the phone?
Rachel: Yes, I’m Rachel Halamandres.

RL: So this is really a family business then?
Ian: Oh yes, and Liz my wife is out at the moment on a servicing call.

RL: Ok, Rachel, have you always been working with your dad?
Rachel:  No, I’ve been working here about two years. Before that I was working in recruitment, so this is a bit of a change.