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Argon Computing Ltd.

Argon Computing Ltd.

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 Opening Times: 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Saturday, and 10.00am to 4.00pm on Sundays

Talking with Jason Smith of Argon Computing Ltd. (April 27th 2011)

Rochford Life: Jason, how long have you been here?
Jason: We’ve been in this shop four years but we’ve been established since 2003. We started over in Temple Farm Industrial Estate.

RL: What is the range of what you do here?
Jason: We repair mainly but we do sell components as well and new machines, laptops. We do keep some printer inks, Epsom compatibles because they are very cheap and some HP inks, but with other ones where it is difficult to get compatibles, we tend not to keep them. We do sell some games but it is more hard based and related to repairing, but we do have all the peripherals as well - speakers, keyboards, mice, and memory upgrades etc.

RL: So what is the range of what you repair?
Jason: We try and repair everything, anything to do with gaming consoles, to PCs, to laptops, phones (such as iPhones). If we can’t deal with it then hopefully we can point people in the right direction of local businesses that can.

RL: Do you do call-outs?
Jason: Yes, we do. Kevin my business partner goes out all the time. Our charges? We normally do £45 which covers you for the first hour and 99% of the time we do everything in that hour. If we can’t fix, we don’t charge.

RL: Are there any things you just can’t fix?
Jason: Well I think at the moment the thing is with laptops because if the motherboard goes they are too costly to get the parts.

RL: Do you do data recovery?
Jason:  Yes we do data recovery, still under a labour charge of £40, fixed fee. Depending on the amount we offer external hard drive or pen drives. If we don’t retrieve it, if there is a physical problem with the drive then we point you in the direction of DiskLabs who are good at recovering data from damaged drives.

RL: Well right, thanks for that, Jason. Perhaps that will help more gaming or computing people realise what a resource we have on our doorstep. Thank you again.