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Golden Cross
“Ashingdon Veterinary Surgery”

Ashingdon Veterinary Surgery

5 Hedingham Place, Rectory Road, Rochford

Essex, SS4 1UP

01702  543701

24 hour emergency service: 07860 645678


Ashingdon Veterinary Surgery, Golden Cross, Rochford.

Location: Corner of Hedingham Place on junction of Ashingdon Road & Rectory Road

Part of: Earls Hall Veterinary Group

Times of opening:   Mon - Fri   8.30am to 7.00pm,  with consultations in the morning and evenings.  Saturday:  10am to 12pm

Nature of business: Mostly small pets

Extent of work:  Includes operations except x-rays (which can be done 24 hours a day at the veterinary hospital in Prince Avenue - see web-site). Also do Family Fit Club (ten dogs once a fortnight, do walk, weigh-in, tea etc), weight clinic, nurse clinic, dental clinic etc.