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Coombes Farm Again?
RD Matters 16th Dec. 2010
Rochford District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transportation, Councillor Keith Hudson, said..... “I want to reassure our residents by reminding them that by working together, we demonstrated to the Government Inspector the inappropriateness of Coombes Farm to accommodate 326 new homes. Our Core Strategy now and then, clearly identifies the general locations for development and the five years of developable land required by statute. Our Allocations Consultative Document will identify the sites within those general locations that the Council considers to be sustainable and present the least harm to our District whilst facilitating the much needed new housing for our children. Coombes Farm was excluded because it does not present as sustainable a location as so many other sites for so many reasons.
The following has come as a flyer through doors on the east side of Rochford at least in the week before the exhibition:
Public Exhibition Wed 9th November 2011  4pm to 8pm
Adult Community College, Rocheway, Rochford.

Proposals are being prepared for a development of up to approximately 260 family homes at Land South of Stambridge Road. It is anticipated that a planning application will be submitted to-.Rockford District Council in the near future. The site includes land located between Stambridge Road, Mill Lane, Mornington Avenue and Rocheway. Members of the project design team will be at the Public Exhibition to discuss the proposals in more detail and answer any questions and comment sheets will be provided.We look forward to offering you the chance to tell us your views on the proposals, the site and how we could best contribute to the local community.If you have any queries about the event please contact us on:
020 3008 5040
or visit the website which will go live on or around 9th Nov.
So what has changed since a year ago?
Developers’ possible answer: approx. 60 less houses
Cynic’s answer: Gov. planning legislation looks like it might be easier to get it.
Of course, the flyer suggests they want ‘your views’ but forgive us but didn’t ‘we’ the local community express those views clearly enough last year.  This is not about nice layout and nice amenities (only needed by a larger population); isn’t this about basic and fundamental problems that will be created by a large residential development on the east side of Rochford?  The Council have already made their views clear (see side box comment by Portfolio holder, Keith Hudson last year), so let’s only reiterate some very basic concerns:

1. If Rocheway is again to be suggested as a proposed access road to this estate, have the developers never observed this road, already limited with little or no off-road parking at the upper end, already used as a parking base by commuters causing hazardous use by Mornington Avenue occupants, overused at certain times of the week by the users of the Community College site?  A nightmare road waiting for an accident already. Have the developers  come up with a new approach to Rocheway to overcome all these things pointed out last year?

2. Has the airport changed the glide path so that it no longer goes over this estate, a glide path that is guaranteed to get busier and busier with the new expansion of the airport? Has this suddenly ceased to be a major objection?

3. Are there secret plans afoot to put a bridge across the Roach, build a by-pass around the east of Rochford, or a tunnel to the bottom of South Street so that a probable extra 300 to 400 cars won’t clog up even more the centre of Rochford every day? Is there a master plan whereby large numbers of houses to the east of the town won’t completely overwhelm the infrastructure that is already ailing?

We look forward with great interest to all of these amazing revelations which are obviously going to be unveiled next Wednesday. Join us and be prepared to be amazed at either these revelations or the apparent .......................... (put in your own descriptive word) of these developers.