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CSV - Healthy Ageing
CSV Healthy Ageing   (A  Project of CSV)

Hannah Scotten 07840 351459
CSV are a national charity, the objectives of which are
- the advancement of citizenship and community development through the promotion of volunteering including in the fields of education, social care and the environment; and
- the advancement of education and training including of persons who, due to their social or economic circumstances or otherwise, are in need and unable to gain  employment in the United Kingdom.

Hannah Scotten, working on the ‘Healthy Ageing Project’ for CSV in this area, is looking for those in need and volunteers to help those those people as part of the activities of CSV. If you are someone who has a desire to help the community, and especially those in this older age-bracket, she would love to hear from you. (Scroll down the page to hear more from Hannah)  

If you would like to know more about the many and varied activities of CSV may we recommend you click on the (first) direct link to their web site above. If you would like to see the activities that are possible, as through their RSVP, retired and senior volunteer programme, click on the second direct link above.

If you would like to become a volunteer in some way in the community, why not give Hannah a ring on her mobile number above (NOT our Rochford Life number at the top of the page). Here are Hannah’s flyers:
Hannah explains her work.
“CSV runs a number of different projects and I run one of those projects which focuses on healthy older people in this particular area. The way it works is that we are funded by Essex County Council and the Department of Health. They gave us money and said, could you do these things with older people in this area and get volunteers involved to make that work. It does vary from area to area so this one is the only one of its kind at the moment.
“We have funding for three years and we’ve been doing it just over a year so far. I started in February of this year. Someone else started it off but handed it over to me. My role is to get the volunteers and sometimes I may start things off but once they are under way I step away and leave them in the hands of the volunteers. I really want the community to be involved in helping its older people, which is where volunteers come into it.  

We asked, “Do you have a list of things people could do?” Hannah responded:
“No,I get people to think of what they would like to do. There is no point me saying to older people what they like; it’s for them to say, and that’s how things start.. When you come to an area you find that a lot of things already exist and I’d rather not recreate the wheel and so it’s looking at how we can work with what people are wanting and needing in this particular community.  For a project like this to work there needs to be both volunteers and people who use what we then provide - and it’s all completely free.

We asked, “Do you work in with others in this area of activity?” Hannah replied,
“There is, in fact, a Rochford Older People Planning Group that meets in the Day Centre in Back Lane on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, from 7.00pm to 8.00pm, which I also attend, although it is separate and distinct from what I am doing. They give reports of what is happening in each area and things come up there. Off the back of that group I went to Canewdon and they have a group  that meets every week and so they said I could go along and tell them what we do.

“So, we asked, “how can we help?”
“We’d like more people to know that we are here  and, of course, more people to volunteer to work in this community.  We are in a recession, and there are people out of work. This is a good way to get experience and you get trained, and you get a reference should you need one. I supervise my volunteers to make sure they are happy and it is going well.  But our starting point is saying, what sort of things would you like to try. I may give out ideas and help as much as I can but, as I said,  it’s their ideas that count.

So there it is; we have in our midst a young, enthusiastic young lady with resources and experience just looking for those she can help to serve the community. If that is you - you either have a need, or you’d like to DO something to help others - give Hannah a ring on her mobile -  07840 351459.   Go for it!

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