RDC News Make a point of visiting us weekly!        Tell a friend about us. Places to Go:    Cherry Orchard Jubilee Country Park (Southend Association of Voluntary Services) As we’ve already indicated, the paths vary from indistinct across the field areas, to much more clearly defined routes.... ....and then sometimes less clearly defined routes but routes shown by gates... and a number of benches for rest.... ....even some made up road, and eventually back down to the field paths (thank you to past walkers for wearing them down) Remember this is a ‘park’ of the third description, so don’t expect neatness - this is a ‘wildlife’ park, a little wild at times.... ....but watch for odds and ends of variety.... The lake is clearly the main feature of interest, now well established... On the way down, in particular, we were pleasantly surprised by the views, varying from wide open to little glimpses... ....and enjoy what you can see (but you’ll need to be alert and look!) ...we saw a family of moorhens as well as lots of mallards happy to be fed, and you might even spot a heron. ...where familiar landscape features appear... and then you are surprised by the nearness of Eastwood over the brow on your right ... Don’t be put off by the weather it will probably change... and being Rochford, something interesting will appear in the skies. Coming back down to the Car Park there is a token provision for children (although we saw a number walking with families throughout our walk). Good to see!   Top of page Talk to Rochford Life by E-mail or ring us on 0786 342 7294