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Most Recent Essex Community Messages received in Jan/Feb 2017

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Are you fed up with noisy, nuisance vehicles causing you sleepless nights? Racing up and down your streets, putting you and others at risk?
Essex Police receive daily complaints of this activity in your district, with spring around the corner there will be an increase in this anti social behaviour, however your local community policing team are committed to addressing this blight on our community.
If you witness ASB involving vehicles, please contact Essex Police and report it. Unless you tell us, we will not know.
Time, date, place, make and model of the offending vehicles would help us to address offending behaviour by utilising Police powers under the ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1988 and ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR, CRIME AND POLICING ACT 2014. If you have dash cam or CCTV footage that clearly shows the offenders committing road traffic offences then this is excellent evidence which we can use in court should you be willing to provide a statement.
You can contact Essex Police on 101 (999 in an emergency) or report online These are monitored 24/7. Alternatively you can contact your local Community Policing Team via the following methods:


A generator was stolen overnight from a compound in Mill Lane, Stambridge between 17th and 18th February. The generator was a red Machine Mart generator and would have required two persons to remove it. A fence has also been damaged as a result of the theft.
This would also have required a van or truck to remove the stolen item, if you were in the area at the time and saw any suspicious activity (possibly in the early hours), then please call Essex Police on 101 or report anonymously via
CrimeStoppers UK.
Agricultural and industrial light and heavy plant are at particular risk in rural locations. Please consider immobilising the plant when not in use and securing it with heavy duty locks and chains. Adding the make, model and serial number to the database helps us to recover your property should the Police find it.


Essex Police have received reports of two shed burglaries in Rochford Garden Way, Rochford between 11th and 17th February.
During these colder months, we tend to not venture into our gardens as much. You can protect your possessions by securing gates, moving bins away from walls and fences as well as investing in good quality padlocks for your shed doors. Inexpensive shed alarms are also available from most DIY outlets.


A burglary occurred in Rochford Garden Way, Rochford. This was occurred between Thursday 9th February 4pm and Monday 14th February 4pm. Do you have any information that may assist in our enquires. If so please call Essex Police on 101.
If you have an emergency please dial 999.


When reporting a crime or suspicious activity; use the 5x WH plus HOW. (1) WHO - describe the suspect or vehicle including number plates. (2) WHAT - describe what is happening. (3) WHERE - provide location in as much detail as possible. Any Landmarks, any direction of travel etc? (4) WHEN - report promptly and explain how long ago did it occur. (5) WHY - is it happening? (6) HOW - is it being done? Any weapons etc? Never put yourself in danger to obtain information. If you can safely record the incident on your mobile phone that is always useful to police. Names and number plates are important.


It is an offence to not keep your number plates and lights on your vehicles clean. It only takes a few moments to wipe them before each journey. You could face a hefty fine or even increase the chances of you being involved in a traffic collision. Thank you.


Police have received a number of reports in the last two weeks of people begging in the Rayleigh area. A member of public was also approached in Sainsbury’s Car Park at the Rayleigh Weir by a male asking for money for his family, the male spoke in an Italian accent, please be aware of this when out in town centres and general shopping areas. If you see anything suspicious please report the incident to Essex Police on the non-emergency number 101.   

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Most Recent Essex Community Messages received

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Police have received reports of garages being broken in to; the particular items that have been stolen are pedal cycles and lawnmowers. Please remember to lock your garage, other ways to help prevent your garage being broken in to could be by parking a vehicle in front of your garage door or purchasing a garage defender. If you see anything suspicious please report this to Essex Police on the non-emergency number 101 in an emergency please dial 999. Castle Point and Rochford Neighbourhood Policing Team 101 Extension: 490126

15/4/18  An attempted house burglary occurred in St Clare Meadow, Rochford, between hours of 08:55 and 14:05 on 14/04/2018.

28/3/18 We are looking for reliable volunteers with great listening skills, who have 4 or more hours a week to spare. We will train you to offer emotional and practical support to people affected by crime in your local community. Apply now to be on our next four day training course this June and you could soon be learning new skills whilst making a positive difference to people’s lives. Course dates: 22nd, 23rd, 29th & 30th of June.  To find out more call the Essex Victim Support team on 01277 357557 or email
or visit

14/3/18  A burglary was committed in St Clare Meadow, Rochford, between 11:20PM Sunday 11th March and 08:36 Monday 12th March

6/3/18 Please all be aware and ensure that all rear/side doors and windows are all locked/double locked. Also think about how secure is your rear garden? Lock gates and make them and fences difficult to get over. Ensure there is nothing to climb up on, such as bins or boxes

19/2/18    A burglary was committed in Oast Way, Rochford on Monday 19th February between 6:50pm and 7:10pm.

16/2/18   An attempted house burglary occurred in Tylney Ave, Rochford, between hours of 20:45 and 21:15 on 15/02/2018.

30/1/18  Burglary occurred in – East Street, Rochford, between 13:50 - 17:45 - 29/01/2018 . Crime ref 42/13863/18
and Lever Lane, Rochford, between 17:30 - 19:00 -
29/01/2018 . Crime ref 42/13886/18

6/1/18  A house burglary occurred in St Clare Meadow, Rochford, between hours of 18:30 on 03/01/2018 and 21:00 on 04/01/2018

5/1/18  An attempted burglary was committed in Parklands, Rochford. This occurred between 11pm Tuesday 2nd Jan and 6am Wedday 3rd Jan 6am.

3/1/18  An attempted house burglary occurred in St Andrews Road, Rochford, between hours of 22:00 and 22:40 on 02/01/2018.

A burglary occurred in Pollards Close, Rochford, between 31/12/2017 14:00 - 4:30. Ref 42/129/18.
An attempted burglary occurred in Shires Way, Rochford, between 13:30 30/12/17 – 12:00 31/12/17. Ref 42/189925.
If you saw any suspicious activity at the time of the crime or if you see suspicious activity taking place in the area please call 101 or 999 if judged urgent.

24/12/17  A house burglary occurred in Hall Road, Rochford, between 17:00 and 17:45 on 21/12/2017. If you saw any suspicious activity at the time of the crime please contact us on 101 quoting 42/179938/17 or if you see suspicious activity taking place in the area please call 101 or 999 if judged urgent. Please ensure you put up the handles on your UPVC/composite doors and lock with the key


Residents are reminded to secure their property and vehicles following a spate of burglaries and theft from motor vehicles in the #Rochford district over the weekend. During two of the burglaries, motor vehicles were stolen after the keys were taken.
Most burglaries tend to be opportunistic, as opposed to planned, as burglars usually choose to burgle houses that have little or no visible security.
Follow our 5 simple steps to reduce the chances of you being a victim of crime:
1. Lock all windows and doors, ensure they are doubled locked and keys removed and kept out of sight. Remember Lift > Lock > Remove
2. Keep bins and garden furniture away from side gates or fences - lock them up or away in a shed or garage.
3. Keep your valuables out of sight – this is particularly important for car keys. Close curtains and blinds
4. Use internal lighting effectively, invest in some timers or a 'fake tv' light to give the impression somebody is at home.
5. If you have an alarm and / or CCTV make sure it is active and functioning, even if you are at home in bed. They are proven to be effective deterrents.


In 2017 Castle Point & Rochford have seen an increase in pedal cycle thefts, an additional 36 more than this time last year.
Many bike thefts are spontaneous (for example: bikes left in front gardens or outside shops). If left unlocked, they can be taken in seconds. ALWAYS take that bit of time to lock and secure your bike.
With Christmas around the corner, new bicycles are at increased risk and it is worth investing in a decent lock or chain that befits the bike - there is no point securing a £500 pedal cycle with a £5 combination lock! Most insurers recommend investing in 10% of your budget to spend on security, in fact some insurance companies will not pay out unless you have a certified lock fitted to the bike.
Security marking is helpful, although only if the bicycle is taken and subsequently recorded. You can also record the details of your property on the
Immobilise website for free. Recovered property is routinely checked by UK police forces against this database.


Unfortunately our districts continue to see an increase of vehicle related crime and some of this appears to be opportunists trying car doors and 'getting lucky'. We are in receipt of CCTV that clearly shows offenders opening car doors, without using any force at all, and gaining entry into vehicles and taking the owners property. Unfortunately CCTV alone is not enough to identify suspects if their faces are covered.
Sadly these opportunists will continue to prevail and if they find one vehicle insecure, they will continue to try every car door in the street until they 'strike lucky' again.
For car owners across the District, reduce your chance of being a victim of car crime by three simple steps:
1 - Remove all valuables from the car whenever possible (including overnight)
2 - If you can’t – place them out of sight
3 - Lock the car whenever you leave it – and double check it’s locked before you walk away
Please report any crime via 101 or online or 999 in an emergency. If you have any information on the recent spate of vehicle crime in the Rochford and Castle Point districts you can report anonymously on Crimestoppers.


A house burglary occurred in Allerton Close, Rochford, between hours of 21:00 and 00:00 on 21/11/2017. If you saw any suspicious activity at the time of the crime please contact us on 101 quoting 42/165374/17 or if you see suspicious activity taking place in the area please call 101 or 999 if judged urgent. Please ensure you put up the handles on your UPVC/composite doors and lock with the key


Can you recognise a 'phishing' email, text or other online service?
Scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and use techniques to try and con you out of your hard earned money, or dupe you out of your personal details in order to use it for criminal purposes, buying goods or passing it onto organised crime groups for illegal activity. This can offend some of the worst criminal activity, including terrorism.  There are literally 1000's of variations of 'phishing' but they all have the same goal.
You can protect yourself by taking a few precautions. Be aware that certain websites can take you to websites that look legitimate but are not. If you receive an email, never click on the 'manage/cancel transaction' or 'log-in' prompt. If you are going to check your account, log in separately from the official website or app. If you have an account with a legitimate company, they will always use your name, not the email address.
Poor grammar or spelling. Many of this scams originate from overseas, the likes of PayPal or Amazon will not spell a word incorrectly nor would they have poor grammar.
Not sure? click once on the senders email address and click properties. If it doesn't look how it should, there is a big risk that it is not legitimate.


Police have recently received two reports of distraction burglaries; these incidents have taken place in Cromwell Road in Hockley and Mountain Ash Close in Leigh-on-Sea. The suspects have approached the victims at their homes and have stated that they are tree surgeons and offering to carry out work. On these occasions a credit card was stolen and £4000.00. Police would like to advise you to never accept any one knocking at your door to complete work. If you need certain work carried out please phone Trading Standards or your local council who will be happy to tell you about legitimate companies, you can also use websites like Trust a Castle Point and Rochford Neighbourhood Policing Team 101 Extension 490158


Doorstep Crime usually occurs when residents are called upon in relation to bogus property repairs or gardening services. The Doorstep callers may suggest that there is some urgency to work being carried out so that you allow them to enter your property. The callers charge extortionate prices for poor and unnecessary work.
We want you to be aware of this type of activity to ensure this doesn't happen to you, or anyone you know.
Here are some useful tips to remember:
• If anyone arrives at your door, ask them for identification - you do not have to let them in and they must leave if you request them to do so.
• If you decide you are interested in the work, take the time to research other companies and find out about their businesses.
If you fear that this has happened to you, or you need to report this in the future please do not hesitate to do so. If you feel you are in immediate danger call 999, if the incident has already occurred please report through 101.

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