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Editorial Page
EDITORIAL: Aug 3rd 2014

At the risk of appearing repetitious, I find the ghost of Victor Meldrew lurking over these pages and his voice crying out, “I don’t believe it!”  And, yes, yet again I feel it in respect of the coming around of a new month. However did we get round to August already?  We’ll be talking about Autumn next!   July seemed to rush by even faster than  previous months. Weather watching was quite a feature of the month. The poor old weathermen seemed to be in a quandary time and again, Lows and Highs lurking off the east coast - we might have rain, we might not. In the event I guess that July saw more sunshine than we’ve had for a number of years, but then mixed in with thunderstorms and torrential rain. It has been incredible growing weather and the garden looks better than it has for a long time.

Perhaps because the weather has been so good, I’ve really struggled to remember what has gone on in the news nationally and internationally.  At the beginning of the month we had just had Cameron’s failure to halt the election of a federalist to the role of President of the European Commission. In Iraq Muslim militants had announced the creation of a new caliphate or Islamic state, and Rolfe Harris was convicted on a number of counts of indecent assault. This led on to big questions as to whether there were paedophiles in Parliament and whether there had been a cover up, Missing files from the Home Office seemed to abound (if something that is not there can abound, but you know what I mean!) As the month ground on the Football World Cup came to an end with Germany the victors. The Tour de France came to England and Essex had an exciting day as crowds gathered to watch a stream of cyclists pass by to create four minutes of memory, No sooner had one sporting event passed by, it seemed, than another hoved over the horizon and in the last week of the month the BBC filled its main channels with scenes from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow which suffered unusual sunshine in the opening days. Most unlike Glasgow, someone said! Oooops, almost forgot Wimbledon where Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer. Sorry tennis fans.
Meanwhile things were turning nasty in the Gaza Strip as Israel stepped up its action against Hamas militants and set about demolishing the incredible network of underground tunnels used by Hamas.
Also in the middle of the month David Cameron completed the biggest reshuffle of his time in office and teachers celebrated as Michael Gove was deemed to have been demoted. A Right to Die Bill was going through Parliament which, unsurprisingly, caused a lot of discussion. As the month moved on a Malaysian passenger airline was shot down over the Ukraine, presumably by separatist rebels with missiles courtesy of Moscow.  In the days since arguments have prevailed about how to impose further sanctions on Russia, which appears difficult as it means each European nation at least shooting itself in the foot, such is the trade with Russia.  Israel fights on in Gaza and the hope of peace looked very fragile. A tumultuous month in many ways, a great sporting one in others.

In Rochford Life, there has been a steady flow of information. On the shop front the addition of a beautiful little shop in West Street called ‘Grace’s Attic’ is really worth a visit. Just up the road  Maria Elizabeth (JJWD) has had a SALE while Timbo House Chinese takeaway has updated their menu. It’s all been happening in West Street!  A visit to our friends at Waterman Primary resulted in a conversation on Financing in Education.

On pure information, our friends at Wishing Well have told us about their new Summer Programme and our friends at Neighbourhood Watch have warned us about a new ‘BT’ Scam to be avoided and the Airport have continued to update us on a New Route to Switzerland  and new flights to Maastricht  while also telling us that because of high demand Flybe are expanding their seasonal flights to France this year.  Meanwhile the Council continues to provide helpful information for the community on Flooding  and also on Wise Summer Recycling while at the same time encouraging us to visit our park spaces, especially Cherry Orchard Jubilee Park.

In September Rochford will host again the Rochford Art Trail and Rochford Life have agree to do introductory articles on any of the participating artists who would like us to cover them. So far we have talked with Julia Tanner
and with Ann Bacon, so if you would like to get a glimpse at the styles of working appearing in premises in central Rochford in September, have a look at these pages. We are hoping to have some more in the future.

On our recreational pages we have added a new “W” Quiz and on the Tapestry pages More from a Mixed Bag while on our Silver Surfer pages an article entitled Lessons in Life to help you while away your spare moments.

Well, that’s it for the moment. Have a good Summer, see you in September. Semptember??????