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EDITORIAL: July 6th 2014

It must either be a sign of getting old or someone had actually speeded up time, but however did we get to July already? It may be simply enjoying days so much - and if anyone turns round and says, “Wasn’t it a bad Spring and Summer!” they must have been camped out in a cellar somewhere. Looking back I note that I commented how good May had been but really, with a few exceptions June has been marvellous as well. I have lot count the number of times I have sweltered with a spade in my hand over this past month which perhaps may account for why it as been a fairly quiet month as far as Rochford Life has been concerned, but more of that later.

Looking back over the past month to see what has been grabbing the news headlines, the ear;y part of the month had rumblings about the corruption scandal engulfing Fifa, as to whether Qatar had bought the 2022 football World Cup competition but it was diplomatically all put aside until the present Brazil World Cup was over and out the way. Also at the beginning of the month David Cameron decided to challenge the possibility of a federalist new head of the European Commission - to no avail it turned out. Tony Blair apparently dug his heels in and refused to release private correspondence between himself and George W Bush for the Chilcot enquiry so the truth about the Iraq war still seems cloudy. Of course on the 6th June D-Day was remembered providing the BBC with an easy schedule for the day with their number one Welsh presenter talking himself horse in France while senior Royals came and went to honour the men who fought and died on that day seventy years ago. A sobering day.  
As the month wore on a happy little Punch and Judy show was played out in Parliament over certain schools in Birmingham with Michael Gove appearing to play Mr. Punch and Teresa May playing Judy. In waded Mr Policeman Cameron and Puch had to apologise and Judy lost a sidekick. All’s fair in love and seaside games.
The 19th June will go down in history as the day England,  after having lost 2-1 to Italy on the 14th,  lost all hope with a 2-1 lose to Uruguay, courtesy of a certain Liverpool player who has subsequently been banned from the competition for biting an opponent in a later game. (At least there was a certain consistency in the score lines. And how much do these characters get paid each week for playing back here?). A 0-0 draw with Costa Rica on the 24th did nothing to raise flagging English spirits. OK what else is on TV now?
It probably wasn’t the whole month but it seemed like it but Iraq seems to have been spinning a coin to decide whether it is the end of the united nation (was it ever united?).  The question of whether Tony Blair was to blame (at least partly) for the 2003 invasion raised its ugly head again  and he appeared on TV looking very smart and very well off to deny it was him! How we love to dig over the past. Perhaps Rolfe Harris being found guilty on a number of sexual charges from earlier in his career should not be put in that category but the past does keep on rearing up to bite us again. The Coulson-Brooks phone hacking trial eventually came to an end after a very long time. Him guilty, her not. End of story. Move on.  Can July be a less depressing month - please!

As we hinted earlier, here at Rochford Life it has been a quiet month. Several additions just didn’t, for unknown reasons; it’s just like that sometimes, people ask to come on and then don’t. Oh well, we’re still here if you want us to cover you. We need attend a good preparation evening for the Rochford Art trail and we have added the Indian Restaurant at the bottom of West Street which is operating under a new name, Shampan Indian Cuisine, and we also attended the Allotment Association’s Plant Sale and ‘opening’ of the new canopy, which was a happy occasion.

But there has been a lot of stuff that has been requested to be put out there in the public domain: The council are promoting the Lost Walks of Rochford, Jerry Gibson is starting monthly surgeries in September and the Neighbourhood Watch have put a call out to bee-keepers. On the recreational side we’ve added a new quiz and a new Tapestry page.   Oh yes, and we’ve taken a hard look at the volume of stuff we carry (well over 1100 pages) and have decided to cull some of those pages that are now looking out of date (we’ve been going for nearly four years now) and which we think probably get little used. We won’t bother to list them but a number have gone but we hope you won’t notice. We’ll never take off businesses etc. unless you ask us to remove yours, or simply a shop has closed down (and that unfortunately has happened a number of times this year - sign of the times perhaps.) Still if you have a new business, club or group, do e-mail us with your details and we’ll happily add you to Rochford Life - and it is free. Oh, incidentally did you know that for NHS non-emergency you can get help and advice on 111? It’s a number we’ve just added on our useful telephone numbers page.  So there we are, another month gone. May the weather continue good and we hope you enjoy your summer. See you in a month.