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EDITORIAL: April 6th 2014

Well, we are well and truly into Spring, the equinox having passed over two weeks ago, and I am just waiting to hear someone say it’s been the driest and warmest March on record - for us at least.  White blossom abounds all over the place - a month early I heard someone suggest. The days seems to be getting appreciably longer and longer since the clocks went forward recently. Wonderful!   Because we do these editorials on the first Sunday of the month, because last Sunday just missed the first by a day, it seems we are well and truly into April  and the school Easter holidays are already here for many.

International news over this last month has two main things holding our attention. The disappearance of a Malaysian airliner has uncharacteristically held the news cycle for a number of weeks. Rumbling a close second have been the affairs of Russia, Crimea and the Ukraine and speculation abounds whether President Putin has designs on the Ukraine, or just on taking back the Russian speaking population of the Ukraine, which may turn out to be one and the same thing. The Metropolitan Police came under the spotlight earlier in the month with a new enquiry suggesting a spy in the Stephen Lawrence camp!  At home again, the Tories went through a brief back-stabbing phase with Michael Gove saying nasty things about the Eton elite in government. Tut! Tut! The Co-Op also went through an unhappy phase with its CEO leaving, muttering about it being ungovernable. Two pillars of the Left, Bob Crow of the RMT and then Tony Benn, one time Lord but then long term MP, both passed away to a mixed combination of sighs of relief and loud praises. Oh yes, and then there was a low key budget but with lots of noise about cashing in pensions.  Russia’s suspension from the G8 club and Nato and Western sanctions generally against Russia upped the ante against the aforementioned President. Watch this space.  And then the banana came under threat - yes it did! It’s possible we not have any bananas in the future.  And then it was April. Time to move on. That was the month that was.

Here at Rochford Life, for the last month, life has been busy for your editor with claims on his time coming from various other directions (including writing a book which just isn't happening) meaning that the sturdy computer keyboard has been feeling a little neglected. Nevertheless we have welcomed Giles Wilson, solicitors and Wayne Mills, Ground-works & Fencing specialists to our pages. The Wishing Well Children’s Centre have a new web-site and new programme for those with young children. Out and about we have also recently added, Places to Visit: Belfairs Woodland Centre.  Early days yet but will become an increasingly interesting place to visit, and it’s not far!

The Council have been busy this month talking about the need for housing provision in the District in The Council explains “Allocations” and then laying out the recommended possibilities for Rochford Square in the days to come with their Market Square Options.  Meanwhile Neighbourhood Watch continue to supply us with details of those who would try to take our money from us in our Scams from  NW & Requests for help and they have also pointed out that we in Rochford are not so good as others in providing local coordinators for Neighbourhood Watch, in our information page, Your Community Needs You. While still in the public service area we have a note from the airport that Flybe announce 6 new routes at Southend.  Good stuff!

On our ‘recreational pages’ we have added three new articles: 2014 Glimnpse of Technology  for those interested in technology and computing, A Man for all Seasons on our ‘Growing Stuff’ pages, and a light-hearted, Help, I’m a Data Junky on our Silver Surfer pages.  On the Silver Surfer Contents page we have categorised our articles into a number of groups to make choosing articles easier. While we were spring cleaning we also tidied up the buttons on the left side of the front page so they are in alphabetical order, again for easier use.

Well, that’s it for another month.  April showers permitting, have a good month and a lovely Easter. See you in May.