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For those who wish for a non-commercial outsider’s view  we hope these pages will help you with the following information:

- Introduction (this page) : basic information and present progress

- Site Plan layout & current pricing (second page) - provided by Ashberry

- Drawings etc. and marketing information (third page) - also provided by Ashberry.


From the information we have been given, (27/10/17) Ashberry’s part of the 600 homes of the Hall Road development is 183 units made up as follows:

A) Private houses:

5 bedroom - 23     (5 styles - see price list on next page for others)

4 bedroom - 55

3 bedroom - 31

2 bedroom - 15

B) Apartments:

2 bedroom -  8

C) Affordable (see below)             -     51     (29% of their total)

Total     -    183

At the present time, we were told, approx. 18 private housing units and about a dozen ‘affordable’ units (rental, Housing Association etc.) were complete.

Current prices, we were informed range from approx. £285K to £850K

Visiting the 3 - 5 bed show houses, we can only say that we were very impressed by quality and layout and the ‘wow factor’ increases with size! (The interior design / furnishings will challenge purchasers to achieve such an incredibly high quality appearance.)

On the following pages you will find the Site Plan, current prices, examples of styles & interiors and their marketing press release.  As far as progress is concerned (and completion, we are told, should be in 2019,) the following will speak for themselves.  

Back in 2012 the “Hall Road Development” potential caused a stir locally when the RDC Development Committee gave its approval to the Outline Planning Application (see our report).

Approximately a year ago work started on the site and recently Ashberry Homes, who are developing the eastern part of the site, agreed to show us round to observe progress to date. We write for local interest and are happy to also provide introductory information for potential buyers. The direct website link will provide fuller details:

These are not computer graphics but are site photos and if you can avoid catching sight of hoardings or scaffold in the distance, you could be anywhere else in Rochford with pleasant, clean, open layouts and small/adequate gardens, that seem standard for modern developments.

Only the new occupants can tell you what it feels like in-situ, but the appearance is pleasing in each of the completed or partially completed roads.

But it is early days and so to the rear of the site construction work stretches away into the distance. Looking at the site plan, there are yet some interesting areas to be built. Whether trees, shrubs or hedges will appear as the estate is completed and matures, time will tell. Already some planting provides a pleasing appearance.

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