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Farewell Photographs

Malcombe Ashman,

Farewell Photographs,

250 Ashingdon Road, Rochford

Essex, SS4 1TQ


01702 826369 / 0777 620 4600




Every occasion is now celebrated - from birth to end of life:

- Every annual event - Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mothering Sunday, Father's Day, Easter, Christmas.

- Occasions like Engagements, Weddings, Retirement

- Religious celebrations: Confirmation, Bar (Bat)mitzvahs

- End of Life Tribute/Memorials including Pet Memorials


A Celebration Book is a capture of images or moments in time, a lasting Tribute or Memorial for someone, a family heirloom and useful for future generations as a genealogical research tool.

It is also a documentary or record of a family, something like a Wedding Album but much, much more.

Photographs are collated, copied retouched, repaired (scratches reduced or removed). Documents (birth certificates, citations, awards etc.) copied.

Text captions can be added to photographs. Poems, Eulogies, Text copy typed. Cover designed with images and Celebration Book title*  (* excluding the leather cover option). Pages can be left blank for personal messages.  Celebration Book pages are high gloss. All work is undertaken with Respect, Dignity and Dignity.  Public Liability Insurance and ICO (data protection) registered.


A Digital Presentation is similar to a slide-show produced on computer using professional software to scan images and documents and merging into a presentation using digital fading and transitions, including music. The presentations can be displayed throughout the celebration using computer media. It is presented on a DVD in a library case




Book                                         Size:   24 pages           36 pages

18.5 x 18.5 cm (approx. 7.25ins)             £220.00             £250.00

20.4 x 15 cm (approx. 8 x 6 ins)              £220.00             £250.00

29 x 21 cm (approx.11.5 x 8.25 ins-A4)    £260.00             £290.00

40 x 30 cm                                             N/A                   £495.00


24 pages can include between 24 and about 40 and 36 pages can include between 36 and 60 photos or documents.

Copy typing £15.00 first page and £10.00 thereafter per page.

Short captions per photograph-included in price.

Leather cover (no cover image) £10.00


Digital Presentation

Up to 40 photos/documents, approx. 4 mins playing time, supplied in library case £200.00

- (if purchased with Celebration Book £100.00)

Up to 60 photos/documents, approx. 6 mins playing time, supplied in library case £275.00

- (if purchased with Celebration Book £125.00)

Additional services can include photographing local sentimental places-quotes available

Note: We have seen examples of Malcombe’s exceptional quality and presentation, and can thoroughly recommend his work. Do go to his website above for more details. Malcombe writes: