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22. Garden Security

We recently received a local police message in our Community Messages and we realised this was something we had never covered on these growing pages but it is helpful advice, so although it is technically not ‘growing stuff’ here is some wisdom about garden security:


Sheds typically contain tools, bikes and gardening equipment which are not just valuable but which could prove useful to a burglar, so secure the door with padbolts and close-shackle padlocks or a padlock alarm. Hinges should be fitted using coach bolts and large backing washers. You could also think about installing a shed alarm and a lockable chest for chemicals and valuable equipment.

2. Fences

Rear fences should be 2 metres high including a trellis to support plants but not to support the weight of a possible intruder. Keep fences and plants in the front garden below 1 metre in height so you don't give potential burglars somewhere to hide.

3. Defensive planting

Reinforce the garden’s perimeter by planting prickly shrubs or a thorny hedge and train them to grow on trellis on top of 1.8 metre fencing to deter potential offenders.

4. Lighting

Lighting can deter or draw attention to thieves. Use energy saving bulbs activated by a dawn to dusk sensor.

5. Gravel

Lay gravel on paths and beneath doors and ground-floor windows - burglars don't like it because it's noisy to walk on.

6. Side gates

Side gates should be solid, flat faced and the same height as the fence. Secure with padbolts top and bottom, padlocks and a spring return.

7. Planters

Secure plant pots to the ground using a bolt and retaining anchor plate and mark tools and furniture with your postcode followed by your house number