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People: Haddie Halliwell - Beauty Therapist
This is the original interview we carried out last year with Haddie a year ago in respect of her beauty business. To see the 2011 follow up interview, please CLICK HERE
INTERVIEW: Haddie Halliwell, Beauty Therapist  (18th November 2009)
Basics in Beauty Therapy
Haddie Halliwell is an example of a mother who decided not to let life pass her by and who went out and trained and now runs her own thriving beauty business. Here she briefly tells us what beauty therapy in the twenty-first century can involve.

Rochford Life: Tell us a little about your business.
Haddie: The business is called Haddie’s Beauty, mainly because it is about beauty, but I have now gone on to complementary therapies because this is the side of beauty that is coming to the forefront.

RL: So what do you cover?
Had: Basically manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, electrolysis (permanent hair removal) – I do a lot of that and I have to be registered with the Local Authority, and I am  - massages, and again I have to be registered with Essex County Council, and I am, aromatherapy, and facials. That is my beauty side and then we go on to the complementary side which is hopi candles, reflexology, and Indian head massage

RL: How long have you been doing this?
Had: I’ve been doing this for almost thirteen years.

RL: Did you go to college to learn to do this?
Had: Yes, I went to Southend College and I was one of the first students to train at Queens Road Studio. I now go back and teach on Saturdays on a five week course and two three week courses.

RL: Are most of your clients women?
Had: No, I do have men for back massages and aromatherapy massages. I have men clients through their wives and this makes them more comfortable. I also have other gentlemen who come for hopi candles.

RL: What does that involve?
Had: Hopi candles involve lighting a candle made out of beeswax and other added ingredients, used for clearing the sinuses. Most people know it for getting rid of earwax. It is extremely relaxing.

RL: Do you have a scale of charges?
Had: Yes, I do, from eyebrow waxing for £5, then ranging all the way up to aromatherapy massage and non-surgical facelifts for £26. The aromatherapy massage is about an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half and the non-surgical facelift is about an hour and a quarter. Ongoing I keep training for new treatments.

RL: And where do you do this?
Had: I do this out of my own home.

RL: Thank you very much.

Haddie Halliwell:  0791 018 0170

Brief Interview with a client, ‘H’, after a massage with Haddie

RL: So how are feeling after your massage?
H: Very nicely relaxed.
RL: How long did it take?
H: It must have been about 40 to 45 minutes.
RL What did she actually do?
H: Well it was a back, shoulder and neck massage, very specifically to ease stiffness that I’ve had in my right shoulder particularly but I could feel various muscles being worked on and relaxed all over my back.
RL: How would you summarise what you now feel?
H: Very pleasant indeed.
RL: Thank you.