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Hall Road Development

Brief Introduction
Rochford Life seeks to cover as many aspects of the life of Rochford and Ashingdon as possible, and is willing to give space for any or all groups involved in Rochford to express their views as far as they affect the life of Rochford.
The ‘Hall Road Development’ is undoubtedly the largest housing development being proposed in Rochford District at the present time and therefore the activities surrounding this site must be of historical importance and interest to the community of Rochford.
Rochford Life seeks to provide whatever information it can to inform the community of what is happening in the area.  As this appears to be an example of an ongoing community change we will do what we can to keep you informed and make space for comments from all sides, for any who may wish to contribute - just let us know.

Pages covering the proposed Development
- giving some background thinking to housing need in Rochford
3. Informal Report of Development Committee Meeting - 18th Jan.2012
- who said what and how the Outline Application was approved
4. WRAG - A Bridge too far?
- action group responses following the development meeting
5 Council’s Notification of Outline Approval
- notification on Council’s own website
6 Councillor Gillian Lucas-Gill on the recent Development Committee Meeting
- what was it like to oppose the planning application and where next?