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Talking to Bill Haynes of Haynes the Florists    (11th March 2011)

When your grey-haired reporter is addressed as “young man” I instinctively step up three notches in my respect for the age of the person who is addressing me so.
“So how long have you been here in Rochford?” I enquire of Bill Haynes who is busy arranging flowers in the cold room to the rear of the shop.
“Sixty years,” comes the reply.
I splutter. “I started when I was sixteen,” he adds.
He definitely qualifies for having been round the longest in Rochford, in my book.
I make some noises about not looking that old and he grins. “It’s working in here in the cool with all these.” He nods at the flowers around him.
“We weren’t always down here of course,” he goes on, “we used to be up in the Square until the rents went up and then we moved down here.”

I enquire about opening times and prices.
“Supposing I want something for Mother’s Day,” I ask. “how much am I likely to pay for something nice?”
“Because it is a peak period,” I’m told, “Bouquets will be from about £25, arrangements from £30, things in vases and basket arrangements, and then planted baskets from around £25. There will be lots more plants around for Mother’s Day.”
“Once you pass a peak time like that, do prices come down a bit?”
“Yes, bouquets from £20 and arrangements from £25, and of course we do Interflora.”
I offer my thanks and leave.

Now if you do want to send flowers via Interflora, either ring the number above, or  0844 453 5600 or go to their excellent website and see the ranges there - and if you drop to the bottom of the page and click “Find a local florist” under “Services” and then type in ‘Rochford’ you’ll find Haynes come up there. Happy flower buying!