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My name is Merrilyn Bell(nee Johnstone)  I am an Australian grandaughter (now retired widow) of Frank Gilmore Johnstone. who from my father's recently acquired birth certificate here in New South Wales. was born in Rochford Essex sometime in 1872 as he was 34 in 1906 and living in Sydney.

I am certainly not asking for any search, merely to be advised where I could write/email/phone for births in that period.

I have long been fascinated by this one photo my parents had of a tall, handsome man, and as my mother related a "lovely gentleman". Unfortunately I was not born before he died so could only gaze at the photo and wonder.

There is a developing opportunity for me to visit the UK in May this year so if I could start my enquiries now I could visit Rochford for a very special,heartfelt reason.

If you can help Merrilyn would you please e-mail her -  MRMBELL@bigpond.com