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Holt Farm Infants School, Ashingdon Rd., Rochford, Essex, SS4 1RS
Head teacher: Mr. Robin Goodier  01702-544058
Holt Farm Infants
The following is an extract from the 2013 Ofsted report:

Holt Farm Infant School
Ashingdon Road, Rochford, SS4 1RS  

Inspection dates  
23–24 January 2013  

Achievement of pupils              Good  2  
Quality of teaching                   Good  2  
Behaviour and safety of pupils  Good  2  
Leadership and management    Good  2  

Summary of key findings for parents and pupils  

This is a good school.  

- From low starting points, children in the Reception classes make good progress in communication, in linking sounds to letters, in learning to write and in understanding numbers.
- Pupils in Years 1 and 2 make good progress in reading, writing and mathematics, reaching broadly average standards by the end of Year 2.
- Standards in reading, writing and mathematics have been rising since the last inspection leading to good achievement over time.
- Good teaching enables pupils to learn well because work is set at the right level for them and resources are well chosen.
- Pupils’ behaviour and safety in lessons and around the school are good.
- Leaders and the governing body rigorously check the quality of teaching to improve it so that it builds on pupils’ learning.
- Good leadership and governance have brought about good improvement in all aspects of the school’s work since the last inspection.

It is not yet an outstanding school because

- Marking of pupils’ books does not always show them the next steps in learning.
- The quality of pupils’ topic work is not always checked against individual literacy and numeracy targets.
- Work is not always hard enough for a few of the most-able pupils.

Information about this school  

- Holt Farm is a large infant school with eight classes, including three Reception classes for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage.
- Most pupils are of White British heritage and few speak English as an additional language.
- An average proportion of pupils are known to be eligible for the pupil premium (additional funding for children known to be eligible for free school meals and those in local authority care).
- A below-average proportion of disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs are supported through school action. The proportion of pupils who are supported at school action plus or who have a statement of special educational needs is above average.
- Since the last inspection, the school has developed its extended services, offering holiday clubs, a range of outside professional support, attendance support workers and educational psychology services with a group of local schools. The school has received the Quality in Extended Services award in recognition of this work.
- A new Chair of Governors and new parent governors are in post.  

What does the school need to do to improve further?  

Raise the quality of teaching to outstanding and build on pupils’ good achievement by:
- consistently informing pupils of their next steps in learning when their work is marked
- always extending the learning for all of the most-able pupils
- making sure that pupils always know how well they are achieving in their literacy and numeracy targets when doing their topic