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Rochford Square
Home Plus 2

Home Plus 2

18 West Street,  Rochford,   

Essex, SS4 1AJ


01702 545201




Opening Times:

Mon to Sat.
9.00am - 5.00pm
9.00am - 1.00pm


New proprietor: Cliff Nichols

We hope to boost our stock and continue to be the shop in town that everyone comes to first for those things about the home that keep you going.

We provide a very personal service so if we can help any way - please ask. If we haven’t got what you want - please ask.

Home Plus 2 is one of those unprepossessing shops that has exactly what you need when you
- run out of that cleaner
- or need hooks, brackets and
- a variety of other hardware pieces, or
- have broken your hammer or pliers or
- kitchen utensil, or
- your batteries have run down or
- you’ve lost a key,
     and there they are, right in the middle of town within easy reach.

You won’t go here for the big DIY things but you will again and again for the small essentials. We’ve lost track over the years how many times this little shop has been a life saver!