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Iceblue Legal, Solicitors

Iceblue Legal, Solicitors  

34 West Street, Rochford, Essex, SS4 1AJ

01702  540001


Iceblue Legal, Solicitors

Monday - Fridays  9.00 - 17.30

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Wills & Probate
Debt Collection
Industrial Disease
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Need help with a family matter?
- Relationship problems
- Relationship Breakdowns & Finances
- Children disputes
- Domestic Violence & Harassment

Free ½ hour initial consultation and low fixed rate fees and instalment plans for all family matters

Appointment to suit you which can be outside normal hours
Talking with Danielle Fox, Head of the Family Department of Iceblue Legal, Solicitors   (19th March 2012)

Rochford Life: Danielle, would you like to simply say who and what you are?
Danielle: We are a firm of solicitors specialising in and providing legal advice to individuals or businesses, large corporate organisations etc. Whoever we can help, we will.  At the present we specialise in Injury Law and Family Law.

RL: For the interest of our readers, would you like to tell us something about yourself?
Danielle: I have been a family lawyer for four years. I’ve been with Iceblue Legal a couple of months and I have set up and am head of the Family Department of the firm, and are getting lots of clients through the door, which is good      

RL: Family Law covers what?
Danielle:  Well, we specialise in all areas of family law, dealing with, for example, divorces, finances of divorce, separation when people are just considering their rights when considering divorce or separation, cohabiting couples, married couples, all ranges of disputes over children, contact and residence disputes, parental responsibility, maintenance issues, child protection or anything along those lines. We also deal with domestic violence, providing a sympathetic ear as well as advising people on their rights, and giving them the confidence to combat what is a very difficult thing in their life.          

RL: You have some special offers, I believe?
Danielle: Yes, we offer a free half hour initial consultation so that people can get some basic legal advice to be able to go away and consider if they want to instruct us to act for them. We’re offering very low rates at the moment as an introductory offer. We have fixed fees for divorce and can offer instalment plans. What we are seeking to do is bring legal advice to people who before perhaps couldn’t afford it and what we try to do is say to people, what can they afford to pay us, rather than this is what we’ll charge. The instalment plans are affordable for everyone.

RL: You have other departments apart from family.
Danielle:  Yes, our other specialism is our Personal Injury Department and that is headed by the Partner here, John Duncombe, and so you contact him if you have questions in that area.

RL: A little bit of personal information about you perhaps?
Danielle:  Yes, certainly. I’m married and have a daughter coming up to one. I grew up in Rochford, and now live in Hockley. As a baby we lived in Doggett’s Close and have always lived around different parts of Rochford. I went to Greensward and then University in Colchester and did my LPC (Legal Practice Course) in Chelmsford, and so have remained very local throughout. I really like Rochford.

RL: Right, thank you for that. Well, welcome back to the town and may we wish you well for the future.