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Essex Wildlife Trust
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Essex Wildlife Trust,
Abbotts Hall Farm, Great Wigborough,  Colchester, Essex CO5 7RZ
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Registered Charity No. 21006
“Obviously the corporate schemes have been around for some twenty plus years, we had our twentieth anniversary last year, and we celebrated that with some of the companies that have been with us for twenty years at our ‘Emerald Ball’  and we decided that there were certain things that  we wanted to enhance  and we wanted to reward the many companies that have been with us that long, so we relaunched the scheme and our corporate members are now called Investors in Wildlife.

If you are going to make that commitment for twenty years you’re actually investing a lot of time and energy in the country, and we’ve brought in a few extra benefits for our Gold and Platinum members. We now have a page on our web-site (see link above) that lists our Investors in Wildlife that are Gold or Platinum members and they now link to their web-site with their logos on our web-site.

We also now have a new logo that can be used. We also realise that a lot of business is done through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In, and a lot of our companies were getting involved in that side of things and we felt, as a charity with lots of corporate supporters that we could help support  their social media, so we now have a Linked-In group called Investors in Wildlife for our corporate members, so all our corporate Investors in Wildlife members can be part of that group on linked in and they can see what events are happening in the county on the business side. We also realised that for Search Engine Optimisation, that by putting this web-link for these companies on our web-site, it means that they will come up when some one is searching for their sort of business via Google on our web-site as well as their web-site. It’s freshening up all we do with them and provide better networking for them.           

As well as identifying the Platinum and Gold members, the Corporate section of the EWT web-site states:

Membership means business

Investing in Wildlife is good for Essex and will deliver real benefits to you and your business.

As a local business leader you have a key role to play.

Most business leaders today understand that social responsibility enhances corporate reputation and have already formulated an environmental strategy for their company.

A strong, visible commitment to conservation helps companies to attract and motivate good employees and investment in the local environment brings commercial benefits as well as public recognition.

Let us promote your involvement, acknowledge your support and advertise your business to other companies within the county, while helping us to protect wildlife and your environment.

Our Investors in Wildlife scheme is tiered to enable companies of any size and sector to join, and at a level that reflects their standing in the community

Their business pack states:

Businesses that place Corporate Responsibility at their heart will help industry and society reap the benefits of our natural environment. Please help us strive to ensure Essex's wildlife thrives for future generations.
Join us today to save your  wildlife for tomorrow
"I urge you to join and work in partnership with Essex Wildlife Trust. It is very encouraging to know that businesses are taking, their environmental responsibilities seriously and understand the influence they have. Together, we can build a better quality of life in Essex, one where wildlife flourishes and people — our supporters and your employees and customers — live happier, healthier and more sustainable lives. Please pledge your support today."
John Hall, CEO Essex Wildlife Trust

The Business Pack:                                                                       The Business Magazine:
Investors in Wildlife

You will see from our interview with Grant, early 2011, that most of Grant’s work involves the commercial side of the Trust’s work. Here he explains changes that are taking place on that side. For Part 2 of this conversation about  ‘Domestic’ Wildlife Questions CLICK HERE