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North Street 
J.W.Tate & Son
Funeral Directors

J.W.Tate & Son,

20 North Street, Rochford



01702 544396

Part of Dignity plc
Anticipating a Funeral? What you may want to know.

- J.W.Tate & Son are part of Dignity plc which are, according to Wikipedia, the largest provider of funeral services in the UK.

- What was once a family concern still continues to provide a professional, caring & compassionate service. Either ring them or simply call in when you are in Rochford.

- Our experience has been that this local service provides that warm and caring service from the moment you first visit them to the point when the funeral and all its arrangements have been completed.

- Guidance & Help: If you have never had to arrange a funeral they will advise you on any and every aspect of the procedure and will be able to provide you with excellent brochures on
- ‘Arranging a funeral for your loved one’,
- ‘Choosing a coffin, casket or urn’, and
- ‘Choosing flowers and floral tributes’, as well as an excellent booklet,
- ‘A Child’s Questions about Death’ and an equally helpful leaflet,
- ‘Grief: a Guide to the Healing Process’.

- Costs: Again, if you have never been involved in arranging a funeral, be prepared to gulp when it comes to the cost! They will carefully and thoroughly take you through all the costs involved. Their own costs will include arranging and conducting the funeral, collecting and caring for the deceased person, possibly embalming the deceased person, choice of coffin, provision of a hearse, and extra limousine(s) etc., which altogether may take you well over two and a half thousand pounds. On top of that they will be paying for you (probably), for the clergy, organist, gravediggers (if it’s a burial) or cremation charges, and other elements that are part of the process which could be well in excess of six hundred pounds.

- Pre-planning: Dignities own web-site ( and their ‘Funeral Plans’ download suggests that in 2012 the average funeral cost £3,516, probably rising to “£4,906 by 2017. If finances are likely to be a problem you may wish to consider a 12 month or 5 year saving plan to prepare for such an eventuality.

- For those who may be called on to speak at a funeral, check out our own ‘Speaking at a Funeral’ guidance page on our ‘Public Speaking’ pages.