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Kings Steal the Show!   (December 12th 2012)

It was the second Nativity I’d been to in the day. This one was in the evening and when i got home I nearly decided not to cover it here on Rochford Life, but that would be a shame because it was good, so here I am next morning, refreshed and wanting to do justice to this small school and these wonderful kids!
OK, I was slightly biased with this one because I had a grand-daughter in it, but actually the two Nativities were so different there cannot be a comparison.  They do say on TV, never work with children or animals and the obvious reason is because they will tend to do their own thing, so when you come across a school that now limits its Christmas show to Class 1 – mostly between 4 and 6 years old!!! – you know the teachers and assistants here have got to be an incredible bunch of people!
There is a quiet expectant hush as parents gather
Stambridge is a small school on the edge of RL’s catchment and because of its size, the age range in a single class can be quite wide – but that has benefits of course when it comes to putting on school productions for parents: give the older ones the key parts and keep the younger ones more in the background. Well that’s the theory but if there were one or two lower-key parts it was cleverly done and everyone appeared to have a real part to play. It seemed stage fright hit two little people but when they are that young the whole audience is for them – that’s what is so nice about this sort of thing!  

The production lasted just over 30 minutes, introduced and closed by the Head, Mrs. Sealeaf.  The costumes were stunning and I thought, “Just right for young children who love dressing up!” The cast were 4 to 6 year olds doing what 4 to 6 year olds do and it was great! The dancing at times was outstanding. How do you teach this age group to dance without taking up the whole year?  You have incredibly enthusiastic teachers at the back of the room doing it and the children just follow their lead – truly excellent! I think someone did video part of what was happening at the front AND at the back! Worthy of a YouTube entry that! (Well done Mrs.Allen & Mr. Ormes!)
So was this a traditional Nativity? Well, I guess such things no longer exist, and the programme gave us the gist of what we were about to see:

King Casper is having a birthday party. He has invited some other kings and queens plus guests. Someone notices a very bright star in the sky and the Kings' wives decide they want it and order the three Kings to go and get it. The three kings follow the star to the desert where they meet a wise-old man who tells them about the birth of a new baby King. They follow the star to Bethlehem where they find Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus. They offer up gifts.

And yes, that’s what we saw and it was easy to follow. Along the way some singing and dancing and the usual hilarious bits where crowns – being slightly too big for their wearers – slid down to noses making little people peer out from under them at an angle.  Wonderful!  
As is our practice we either don’t use pictures of small children or blur them - if you were there this will act as a reminder!
Mrs. Sealeaf opens the show
The Queens looked the bossy people they were supposed to be, the three kings (wise men?) mostly stole the show although Herod’s three soldiers – especially the sergeant with her helmet – and their ‘American style marching song’ grabbed it for me. Outstanding!

So there it was, fun at a very young level, and didn’t they do well!  Well done, Class 1!  Well done the teachers! And thank you!

Casper - Archie
Balthazar - Finley
Melchior - Noah
Announcer 1 - Dylan
Announcer  2 - Skye
Daniel - Joshua
Sergeant - Paige
Queen Casper - Bethany
Queen Balthazar -  Melissa
Queen Melchior - Isabella
Guests - Toby, Molly, Lillie, Lillyann, Henry,
Dancers - Joseph, Billy, Mitchell
Junior, Soldiers - Harley, Elijah
Mary - Mahalah
Joseph - Vinnie
Angels - Vera, Sam