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Finally Laid to Rest

by Ray Newman

Ray Newman is a retired Essex Police Detective Chief Inspector living in Rochford.  During his  last decade or so with Essex Police he worked as a Major Crime Review Officer.  Amongst other things, they reviewed unsolved 'Cold Cases' one of which was the then unsolved murder of Norah Trott.  When he  first began his review of that case he spoke to a number of Rochford residents and shopkeepers and was surprised at how, 25 years on, there were so many who knew her and were still upset by her death.  They eventually caught the killer who is now serving life imprisonment.

In 2014 he retired from Essex Police and wrote this book about some of the old cases their team dealt with, including the Norah Trott murder.  In it he describes the murder, the original investigation and the 2003 review which led to the killer being identified, arrested and prosecuted.

The book is now available as a paperback from Amazon Books and will soon be available as a Kindle download.   

Is also available from Miss Daisy in Rochford Square