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Introducing Vera & Teresa’s Linedance Club

These two London girls, who have both been teaching line-dance for some sixteen or seventeen years, will be here in Ashingdon twice a week at Ashingdon Memorial Hall.

Says Teresa, “It is modern line-dancing with very varied music so it can appeal to a wide group of people. On Monday and Wednesday mornings it will be absolute beginner’s class, so it doesn’t matter if they’ve never danced, they can do it!  Then on Wednesdays it will also be the Intermediate class.  

Vera and I have been teaching together a long time. We’ve got classes, mainly in inner Essex, in Standford-le-Hope, Dagenham, Newbury Park, Chadwell Heath, and now here.

After the first week it is £5 for the hour for beginners and then £5 for the Intermediate which will be two hours. On the Wednesday the beginners have the option to stay on if they want to practice or we’ll have ‘split floors’. “
She continues, “There will be tea or coffee so they can have what they want.  It’s a really great way to meet the community and make new friends and socialise. For us, it’s not just about taking money, it’s about the fact that you are giving something back, so we often do a lot of charity stuff. We’re going to do the two mornings to begin with and then see if there is a call for an evening class.  We are aiming for anybody, there are no age restrictions because any age can do it. The very first class we’re doing will just be £1 to give a taster and thereafter £5.”  

Vera shared, “We’ve been fortunate in what we’ve done over the years because we were the first line-dance instructors to be asked to go over to Australia as ambassadors of line-dance to Australia. We taught over there for three weeks. We’ve had Sir Paul McCartney ask us to choreograph a routine for a video and appear in it, so we did that. We also took a group of children to Blue Peter, and we did a Gloria Honeyford chat about dancing and music. It’s been good. But when it comes to the line-dancing, it’s a real family feel, and it’s good exercise for the body and for the mind.”

Teresa adds, “Yes and as we said, it’s for all ages. One of our oldest ladies is about 82 or 83. The idea is to get everyone involved and we try and do things for the community. That’s why we’re here.”