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Our goal at Rochford Life, in respect of the various local authorities, was to draw to our readers’ attention the work and activities of the local councils. We did that by interviews with local members and various additional reports as well as posting Press Releases, but with the increased coverage by the authorities on their own pages, this now seems unnecessary. We will therefore no longer be having RDC news pages on Rochford Life but will continue to direct our readers to the Council’s News Pages by the link on the front page and the news headings below that.  

The RDC provision of news for the community is there for the asking, and excellent.  It is a good feeling to have been made redundant by the quality of information provision that is now available. We would always wish to encourage our readers to keep abreast of the activities of our local councils and the first step is simply to click on the links above or on the link on the front page.

Our comments back in 2010

“The single hardest thing for a practising politician to understand is that most  people, most of the time, don’t give politics a first thought all day long.”  (Tony Blair  - A Journey)

Whether it is local politics or simply the working of local Councils, Rochford Life believes it will benefit the community for the community to be aware of the workings of the local authorities, and these pages are dedicated to both the Councillors and

those who work for the local Councils.

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New Council Leadership - May 2019

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