Make a point of visiting us weekly!        Tell a friend about us. Daily Perspectives for Uncertain Days - March 2020 (4) Thoughts for all  - a sort of Journal mapping where we have been in 2020

It looks like we’re in the for long haul. The graphs to the left we thought were helpful in understanding the possibilities before us in the months to come. Courtesy of the Times. The question that arises is what happens after these possibilities?

The Guardian – 31st March, raised another question of uncertainty: “Professor Madelynne Arden at Sheffield Hallam University and Professor Christopher Armitage at the University of Manchester have told Whitty they felt compelled to share their concerns about the likely impact of mass testing on the public’s adherence to the lock-down and social distancing measures. The scientists believe that people who have had the virus will return to normal life, since they will likely have some immunity, but warn this could encourage everyone else to follow suit. Another concern is that people who are fed up with isolation will be out and about and simply claim to have had the infection. They write:  Making tests easily available in the community could therefore have detrimental effects on public social isolation and therefore on the spread and containment of Covid-19. We therefore urge careful planning on how this testing will be managed to avoid the problems outlined.”