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Tuesday 14th April 2020 – Day 22: The Miscellany of the Days  

It is intriguing to listen and watch throughout this time, to the phases of news. Some of the things almost seem like distant history now though it is only a matter of weeks. How many weeks ago was it that the Great Loo Roll Rush was on with cartoons appearing of a guy not being able to get into his loo for the enormous pile of rolls in front of the door. Then were the (what became a) familiar comment that “I’ve just finished cleaning out my cupboards.” How many times did I hear that? Unexpected consequence of being shut in – clear homes and much Spring cleaning. So much so apparently that our local council asked people to stop putting out so much stuff they were getting rid of from Spring cleaning. Amazing.  Then came the thankfulness clapping and I don’t know if it is universal but putting labels on the wheelie bins to say thank you to the guys collecting them each week, came next. Clearly some of these guys have been off unwell as the Council recently asked us (do you check the Council website to check how the collection schedules are going?) to not put out garden refuse in the yellow/green bins because they were having difficulty in collecting them as well.


Then there have been comments about the effects of frequent washing of hands and the dryness that often results and as someone said to me the other day – do you think we’ll carry on doing this afterwards? It’s a bit like another question I heard asked about social distancing – do you think we’ll carry on afterwards? (depends on whether we’ve caught it and got over it, I suspect!)

It seems there are so many facets demonstrating a changing life. You may wonder what the list is on the right of the page? Well I was pottering through the Internet yesterday and seeing some of the stuff on the Pinterest site and found myself looking at lots of lists of “Things to do when you’re bored.” I think this particular one must have been written by a girl because there are various ‘female-orientated’ items. Now this is a bit freaky because exactly as I was writing this paragraph the same reminder came up in the corner of my screen from Pinterest! Are Google watching my every word or was it pure coincidence? Which reminds me of an article I saw the other day in the Times, that suggested that there are a number of academics who are seriously into conspiracy theories and think that so much of the way we are being directed is for sinister purposes. Another facet of this weird world!

1. Make a spa day for yourself

2. Bake a cake

3. Go to the animal shelter

4. Get your nails done

5. Visit a museum

6. Go to an exhibition

7. Read a book

8. Go to a yoga class

9. Attend a cooking class

10. Go to a dancing class

11. Karaoke at home

12. Dance in your room

13. Start learning a new language

14. Start learning to play a new instrument

15. Binge watch a movie series

16. Cook a special meal

17. Make hand-made soap

18. Try out a new makeup/ hairstyle

19. Do some excersize

20. Apply for a one-time job

21. Go to an event

22. Go to a poetry reading

23. Clean your house

24. Declutter your drawers

25. Make a scrapbook

26. Meditate

27. Start writing a book

28. Have a relaxing bath

29. Do meal-prep for the week

30. Learn a new skill

31. Make a cocktail

32. Volunteer

33. Decorate your house more

34. Get into gardening

35. Start a blog

36. Go get a massage

37. Download music

38. Go swimming

39. Go to the theatre

40. Go to the movies

41. Go to a coffee shop

42. Go shopping for clothes

43. Go on a hike

44. Go for a walk

45. Plan a vacation

46. Do a solo trip to a foreign land

47. Look up information about other countries

48. Go to a bar

49. Go to a party

50. Go to a library