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Quiz No. 11    General Knowledge

A fun quiz that tests general knowledge
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1. What does the W stand for in WAGS?      
2. What sort of creature is an Aylesbury?    
3. What does a Manx cat have missing that most other cats don’t?
4. Where on a human body do you finds loops and whorls?   
5. Agatha Christie’s Poirot hailed from which country?               
6. What are the two main ingredients of a ploughman’s lunch?     
7. In which city is Hollywood?       
8. Which orange root is a food?   
9. Which is longer, a yard or a metre?    
10. What colour is Azure?     
11. Give three meanings of words that sound like Chile?    
12. Which English PM was famous for his coat?  
13. Which river is known as both Blue and White?    
14. Two meanings of the word sovereign?    
15. What vegetable is a Moneymaker?     
16. Three meanings of the word spelt LEAD?     
17. Who was “the Lady with the Lamp”?    
18. Who was “Old Blue Eyes”?    
19.  Who are the leaders of the 3 main political parties at present?
20. What number is a score?   
21. What is consommé?   
22. In an advert, what may ono stand for?  
23. What grow from acorns?  
24. Which bank holiday comes before Eater Day?    
25. What is a black mamba?   
26. In which comic did Dan Dare first appear?
27. Which Robin was the spoof film, ‘Men in Tights’ about?
28. Which circle is a professional association of conjurers
29. Which playwright was known as the bard of Avon?
30. In what radio series is there a pub called The Bull?
31. What is Uri Geller famous for bending?
32. What colour shirts were England wearing when they won in 1966?
33. What colour is the Taj Mahal?
34. What is the Great Barrier Reef made of?
35. What swimming stroke is named after an insect?
36. Which Lawson was dubbed a ‘domestic goddess’?
37. Which fabric is made from flax?
38. Which continent grows the most rice?
39. In what season is the Passover?
40. Ecuador is on which continent?