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Quiz No. 26   More Science, Technology & Nature Quiz

All aspect of science and the world in which we live
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1. What four letters preface access to an Internet website?    
2. On a standard computer keyboard what are the first six letters on the top row?  
3. Nylon took its name from what two cities?  
4. What does the H stand for in HIV?   
5. What is the largest planet in our solar system?  
6. What produces the bubbles in champagne?   
7. Where is graphite commonly used?  
8. Succulents live in areas lacking what?   
9. What paint brush cleaner comes from conifer resin?  
10. What would you find in an arboretum?   
11. What force makes the earth orbit the sun?   
12. Hypertension is another name for what?   
13. What do you call a group of stars that make a recognisable pattern?   
14. What travels at 186,272 miles per second?  
15. What part of the body is associated with Achilles?   
16. What do arteries in the body carry?   
17. Which is ‘the red planet’?   
18. A Hellebore is known as what sort of rose?   
19. What does the letter ‘d’ stand for in ‘radar’   
20. What is the purpose of a plant’s petals?    
21. What is the most common plant grown in Assam in India?   
22. In what sea did Neil Armstrong walk?   
23. After what dog was Darwin’s exploration ship named?   
24. What does the V stand for in IVF?    
25. Which scientist wrote ‘A Brief History of Time’?   
26. Where in south London is linked with ‘Mean Time’?  
27. Osteoporosis is weakness or brittleness of what?   
28. What does the S stand for in AIDS?   
29. What bird provided the quills used for writing?   
30. What does a horologist measure?   
31. What is the world’s most common compound?  
32. What famous word was Archimedes supposed to have said?  
33. What is the fastest land animal?  
34. How many sides does a heptagon have?
35. What do you call the art of paper folding?   
36. What do you call the art of growing miniature trees?    
37. What is 3.14159 better known as?   
38. What is the brightest planet seen from earth?  
39. What is the Roman numeral for 100?   
40. What two flavours make up a Mocha?