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Quiz No. 30   Films, Books, TV & DVDs

A chance for the film buffs among us to show how good they are
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Film Things

1. In what book and film does Gollum appear?  
2. What film suggests all of life is merely inside a computer?  
3. In what book and film is there a great white whale?  
4. What film is based on terror of great sharks?
5. What child actor kept being forgotten when the family went on holiday?
6. What was the name of Crocodile Dundee’s girlfriend?
7. Which actor played Patch Adams?  
8. What film is all about a science-made wormhole?
9. In what film was Mr. Knightley the old family friend?  
10. What film is about a lost fish?  
11. What 3D film was about out of body mining on Pandora upsetting the Na’vi?
12. Who was the famous chef-rat?  
13. In what film do Simba, Scar and Mufasa appear?  
14. What immensely violent Easter film was directed by Mel Gibson?
15. In what film did Mel Gibson appear as a worrying taxi driver?  
16. Who played the Beverly Hills cop from Detroit?
17. In what film do Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslett both drown?  
18. In what film do Woody and Buzz Lightyear appear?
19. What wealthy prince and merchant in Jerusalem was sold into slavery?  
20. In what film do Dorothy, Glinda, the Muchkins, Scarecrow and Tinman appear?
21. Who declared in outer space, “Resistance if Futile” ?
22. In what film was “There is nothing like a dame”?  
23. In what Russian-backdrop film did Omar Sharif play the title part?
24. Which misfit army lieutenant in the Middle East did Peter O’Toole play?
25. Who played an autistic brother opposite Yom Cruise?
26. What was the name of the Jedi Master in Star Wars?
27. In what film did Tom Cruise play a super fighter pilot?
28. Who were the two Men in Black?
29. What was the name of E.T’s human friend?
30. Which nanny flew on a broomstick?  
31. Which nanny’ s warts slowly vanished?  
32. What beast featured largely in a hunt for Lotus X?  
33. In what book and film do Jane, Elizabeth, Marry, Kitty & Lydia appear?
34. Who plays Captain Jack Sparrow?
35. Who plays Captain Jean-Luc Picard?  
36. What was the name of the famous Collie that had to be sold?
37. What slobbering dog did detective Tom Hanks inherit?
38. What is the name of inventor Wallace’s dog?
39. What frightening Dartmoor dog appeared to have fire dripping from its lips?
40. What sort of dog was Lady in the Lady and the Tramp?
41. What sort of dog was Marley in Marley and Me?  
42. In the Sixth Sense, what is surprising (at the end) about Bruce Willis?
43. Playboy genius Tony Stark becomes know by what superhero name?
44. Which super hero is Peter Parker?
45. Which superhero us Clark Kent?
46. Which superhero is Bruce Wayne?
47. What character does Dr. Bruce Banner become?
48. Who does John Brown, security guard get rebuilt as?
49. What green ogre marries an enchanted princess?
50. Who did Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) create a haven for?
51.  Who was the bumbling Peter Sellers French detective nightmare?
52. Which detective is played by David Suchet?
53. Which detective was played by Peter Falk?
54. Who played detective Kojak?  
55. Which detective suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder?
56. Who is the Mentalist?
57. What character led Ocean’s Eleven?
58. In what sci-film does Dr. Alfred Lanning fall to his death causing Sonny problems?
59. Which actor found trouble in a night in the Museum?
60. Who was the classy actress played by in Notting Hill?
61. Who played gun toting Mrs. Smith out to kill her husband?
62. Who played the older sister in Atonement?
63. Who directed Slumdog Millionaire?
64. Who directed Lord of the Rings?
65. Who directed Star Wars?
66. Who directed Close Encounters of the Third Kind?  
67. Who directed Avatar?  
68. What musical was set in 1931 Berlin?  
69. Who starred in Funeral in Berlin?
70. What part did he play in this and in the Ipcress File?