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Quiz No. 35  A Mammoth Sci-Fi / Space Travel Quiz

This, unashamedly is not a simple quiz. If you are not a sci-fi buff, this is not for you!  The older you are the easier you should find it because we go back to the early days of this genre. You lived through all this!
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Sci-Fi Quiz – from books films etc.

1. Who was the book and carton strip character often said to be the bringer of space exploration to popular media in 1928 and 1929, the latter one being “in the 25th century AD”?
2. In the 1950’s Eagle comic who was the famous “Pilot of the Future”?
3. What was the name of his chubby faced sidekick?
4. Who was the Mekon?
5. In the 1950s radio programme, Journey into Space, who was the hero Captain?
6. Who first played his sidekick, Lemmy?
7. What was the name of their spaceship?
8. In the later 1950’s Quatermass & the Pit, who or what is Quatermass?
9. Where did the ancient artefact that was discovered come from?
10. Who wrote the famous Lensman series?  
11. In the 1968  film,  2001: A Space Odyssey what was the name of the computer?
12. What planet were they travelling to towards the end?  
13. Who wrote the original book? .
14. In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s TV series Blakes 7 what was Blake’s first name?
15. Who were the Seven?
16. What was the name of their first ship?
17. Where was Farscape (1999 – 2003) made?
18. What was Moya?
19. In C.S.Lewis’s sci-fi trilogy, what two planets were visited?
20. In the 2004 -9 series Battlestar Galactica what was the name of the enemy?
21. What was the surname of the Admiral and his captain son?
22. What is the name of the scientist haunted by visions of ‘Number Six’?
23. In what early children’s Sci-fi did Lady Penelope appear?
24. Who or what is Dr. Who?  
25. In what does he travel?
26. Who played the first Dr. Who?
27. Who wrote the famous ‘Foundation’ series and ‘Robot’ series?
28. In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy what is the name of Arthur Dent’s alien friend?
29. What was the name of the depressed paranoid android?
30. What was Slartibartfast’s speciality?
31. What was the answer to the meaning of the universe?
32. In the Stargate films and TV series’ what was the Stargate?
33. What is the name of the team leader?
34. What is the name of the Egyptologist member of the team?
35. In Red Dwarf, who is the obnoxious hologram?
36. Who is the main human low ranking character?
37. What company operated the Red Dwarf?
38. What was the original five-year mission of the star-ship Enterprise?  
39. Who was its first captain?
40. What was Spock’s background?
41. What was ‘Scotty’s’ job and in what famous phrase was he included?
42. Who was the captain of Enterprise-D in The Next Generation?
43. Who was his First Officer?
44. Who was Wesley’s mother?
45. Who was the first commander of Babylon Five?
46. Ambassador Delenn was a representative of what people?
47. Who were the enemy who lurked in the background?
48. Who was the Starfleet officer placed in charge of Deep Space Nine?  
49. What was strange about constable Odo?
50. Who was Quark?
51. Who was the captain of Voyager?
52. Where were they stranded?
53. How long was it going to take to get back to earth?
54. Who flew the first warp flight in First Contact?
55. Who were attacking at the same time?
56. What did Data experience for the first time?
57. In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, what mammal did they have to find?
58. In the prequel, who was the commander of the first warp-5 Enterprise?  
59. Who looked after ET and became his friend?
60. In H.G. Wells War of the Worlds, where did the invaders come from?
61. Who created the Star Wars film series’?
62. Who was Yoda?
63. Which Jedi-knight was Darth Vader’s son?
64. Who was the walking ‘droid in the Star Wars films?
65. What smuggler had a Wookie co-pilot?
66. What was the name of the Hutt crime-lord gangster?
67. In what film was man seen fixating on making a mountain out of mashed potato on his plate?
68. What was the famous phrase as the alien pointed towards the stars?
69. Who were the two actors who flew a ship to attack the alien mother ship in Independence Day?   
70. Where in that film was an alien being kept long before the invasion?

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