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RDC News Make a point of visiting us weekly!        Tell a friend about us. Quiz No. 40   Who do you know?  A fun quiz that tests the people in history that you know. If you manage the 70, you are excellent! To see answers CLICK HERE (after you’ve done the quiz!) Top of Page

Quiz : Who do you know?

1. Preceded Ringo Starr?   

2. King who got it in the eye?     

3. Inventor of the jet engine?   

4. Who painted the Mona Lisa?    

5. Who write a Brief History of Time?     

6. Famous German Tank Commander in north Africa in WW2?

7. Playwright who wrote Pygmalion and Saint Joan?    

8. First man to run the mile in under 4 minutes?   

9. Cleopatra and one-time wife of Richard Burton?    

10. Virgin brand owner?   

11. Jewish Russian songwriter who wrote music for Top Hat, White Christmas etc.  

12. The Bard of Stratford?   

13. German monk who objected to indulgences?   

14. Scientist who formalised law relating to volume and temperature of gas?   

15. Puritan who opposed Charles 1 and became Protector of England?  

16. Who wrote War and Peace?    

17. King known as the Lionheart?   

18. Official royal portrait photographer who died in 1980?   

19. Kim, and adventure in India was written by?   

20. Astronomer who discovered the universe if expanding & has famous telescope?  

21. Scottish Missionary and African Explorer, born 1813?   

22. Defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588?   

23. Rawhide and Dirty Harry actor?   

24. What is the stage name of Stefani Germanotta?   

25. 20th C philosopher & pacifist who helped start CND?   

26. First US President?   

27. Lara Croft is played by?   

28. Pianist-singer- song writer of Candle in the Wind?   

29. First (New Zealand) mountaineer to top Everest?   

30. Originator of Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot?   

31. Frontier tracker hero who died at Battle of the Alamo?   

32. Nurse who became famous through the Crimea War?   

33. Writer of humorous stories about boys in southern USA?  

34. Who played a stuttering king?  

35. Who first flew the English Channel in 1909?    

36. Famous American cartoon film-maker?   

37. Woman scientist who measured radio activity and had 2 Nobel prizes?  

38. Who wrote the Canterbury Tales?   

39. Heartthrob American actor of ER and Ocean’s Eleven series?

40. King who thought he could hold back the tide?     

41. Scientist who placed sun at centre of our universe?  

42. Blowin’ in the Wind singer?   

43. Austrian founding father of psychoanalysis?   

44. Norwegian explorer who sailed the ‘Kon-Tiki?     

45. Had victory at the Battle of Waterloo?   

46. Jason Bourne is played by?   

47. Who wrote ‘The owl & the Pussy Cat’?  

48. Grease brought this dancer-actor to fame?   

49. Famous bank-robbing outlook with brother Frank?   

50. Modern architect who designed “the Gherkin”?   

51. Microsoft billionaire owner-philanthropist?   

52. Main drummer for the Rolling Stones?   

53. Who was the first person to walk on the moon?   

54. Who wrote ‘the Communist Manifesto’?   

55. First human into outer space?    

56. Carried out first heart transplant?   

57. Famous trumpeter who sang, “What a wonderful world”?  

58. French underwater explorer & campaigner who died in 1997?

59. US President assassinated in 1963?    

60. Who write A Tale of Two Cities?   

61. German physicist known for his theories of relativity?    

62. Harry Webb became which famous singer?   

63. Composer of Don Giovani?   

64. The first James Bond actor?   

65. Actor who was the scourge of The Pink Panther?   

66. World record Bluebird speed challenger?    

67. Famous architect/designer born 1573 designed Queen’s House, Greenwich?  

68. Which scientist discovered penicillin?   

69. Modern English sculptor-artist, semi-abstract works in bronze, died 1986?  

70. Originator of the Boy Scout movement?  

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