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Quiz No.5   Art, Literature & Films

Paintings, Books & Films
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1. Who was the artist who painted the Hay Wain?   
2. Who was the artist who created a famous but unusual aerial picture of the Cross?  
3. Who was the artist famous for matchstick men?  
4. Who painted the Good Samaritan?
5. Who painted ‘The Scream’?  
6. Which artist, poet, writer did Good & Bad Angels?
7. Which sculptor created David?   
8. So who painted the Mona Lisa?  
9. Which Dutch artist of the 17th century painted The Concert?  
10. Which famous Italian artist of the 16th century painted the Madonna with the Book?  
11. Which artist already mentioned painted Flatford Mill?  
12. Which artist painted in Tahiti?
13. What famous ceiling did Michelangelo paint?  
14. Whose first names are Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz?  
15.What modern artist is known for using dead animals?  


1. Who is JK Rowling’s hero?
2. What story has a great white whale?  
3. Where does Long John Silver appear?
4. What country does Poirot comes from?
5. Baroness Orczy invented which character who plagued the French?  
6. Who smoked a pipe, took drugs and solved crimes from Baker Street?  
7. Which archer had a quiver full of arrows, appeared in court and didn’t live in Sherwood Forest?  
8. Which sci-fi writer wrote the Foundation series?
9. Which writer couldn’t stop writing about violent racing mysteries?  
10. What forest hid some children opposed to the round heads?  
11. Who was John Le Carre’s famous ordinary spy?  
12. Who gave up his life in a Tale of Two Cities?  
13. Who was the male ‘hero’ of Pride & Prejudice?    
14. Which fairly short actor plays the hero in the Mission Impossible films?  
15. What was the name of the very big, ugly and fearful opponent in James Bond films?


1. In what film were 3 minis used for the heist?
2. Who sang and in what film, “The hills are alive”?
3. Which film starred a giant ape?   
4. Which film had a famous chariot race?  
5. In what film did Shere Khan appear?  
6. What was the first James Bond Film?   
7. What film was based on a con in a betting shop?  
8. What film had a seeker making a mountain out of mashed potato?  
9. Who played Indiana Jones?   
10. What was the car in Back to the Future?   
11. Who walked across America in what Film?  
12. What two actors flew an alien flying saucer in Independence Day?  
13. Who was ‘The Dark Knight’?  
14. What film was about stealing a Russian submarine?  
15. What film was about a battle at Rorke's Drift?