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Individual Articles


Funding for Voluntary Groups


Workshops for Businesses


Development Plan Adopted


Rayleigh Mill available free for some users

Child Flu Pain-fee Vaccine


Budget Comments & Cuts


Dog Fouling & Keep Britain Tidy


Changes to Plans for the Square


Helping Homeless


Changes in Voter Registration


Standing against Domestic Abuse


(series of articles. Date = latest)

Airport Jobs  (17/12/14)

Boundary Changes (9/1/15)

Councils Summit (9/12/14)

Flooding (22/12/14)

Food Allergen (12/12/14)

Food Hygiene (21/1/15)

Funding Local Businesses (28/1/15)

Health & Fitness (9/1/15)

Recycling & Environment (5/1/15)

Notes on “Threads”

What we have instigated is a new way of collating some of the information received from the Council to create ‘threads’ - records according to themes or subjects that will provide a thread of information going back and linking press releases (where there are two or more).

The latest article on that subject or theme will be at the top of the first page of that ‘Thread’ but after it will be an index of previous articles on that subject or theme, followed by those previous articles archived in chronological order received, so you can see how they have developed over the months.