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Rochford District Council
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At the heart of the life of Rochford are the activities of the District Council. In an endeavour to bring all Rochford activities to your attention we highlight those things coming via the Council, mostly via Press releases, sometimes from extracts from the news pages of the Council’s own web-site. The following are RDC matters that we are still carrying with their links.

1/8/14       NEW Car Parking Charges
1/8/14       Councils Summit a Success
1/8/14       Airport Area Consultastion
31/7/14     Develeopment Mgt Plan Consultation
6/7/14        Ward Boundary Changes
6/7/14        Flooding Issues
6/7/14       Changes in Voter Registration
1/7/14       Up & Downs of Parking Charges
3/4/14       Citizen of the Year 2014
25/3/14     Options for Market Square
26/2/14     Saturday Parking Charges
20/6/14     Introducing the new Chairman
9/6/14       Standing together against Domestic Abuse
27/5/14     New Alliance on RDC
12/5/14     More on the Art Trail
9/4/14       More Children;s Theatre
25/3/14     Market Square Options
3/3/14       Explaining the Allocations Document
19/12/12  Hockley Woods Car Park Charges