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We first ran across Joe & Louise at the Rochford allotments in May 2012

Joe & Louise Gomez have only fairly recently started up this ‘giving you an edge’ business so whether you have knives, shears, scissors, axes - they are the people to put a fresh edge on it. Visit their excellent web-site for full details.

As Joe says, “We take all those things at home that don’t work, your knives, your scissors, your shears, things you paid a lot of money for and we put them back to a better than new state.”

Louise says, “We worked at places like the Cherry Tree and we’re talking at the moment with Hyde Hall to go to a couple of events they have coming up. We also do work for hair dressing salons, and for their equipment we use machines that do finer work, like our Japanese polishing wheel. In the van here I’ve been working on this Swedish Water Stone (see picture top right). We use it for knives and it goes round at a slow speed in water, with magnets in the bottom to pick up the metal particles that come off the knife.

Joe adds, “A simple test with a knife is to see if it will easily cut through a sheet of paper. If it won’t, it needs sharpening. Test it after it’s been sharpened and it should cut through easily. We can change this stone for a heavier one to sharpen a heavier implement such as an axe. We have other ones for finishing, say this knife, and it’s a three stage process. For hairdressers’ scissors we use a finer wheel which is a diamond wheel and then a Japanese polishing wheel. There are a few things we obviously won’t handle - saws and cylindrical mower blades. We can do Flymo blades because it is a flat blade.  But mostly if it’s a cutting edge we can sharpen it. We’re aiming at the household market as well as businesses. With our vans we go to where people are.
Joe sharpening shears
Louise sharpening a chef’s knife
We ran across Joe again at the August 2012 Open Day at the Allotments:

RL: So how has the business been going since we met you in May?
Joe: It’s been going very well. We’re always looking for more work but, yes, it’s been going well. We’re still doing garden shears and garden tools, knives, household implements, and also hairdressing equipment.. My wife largely does that last area and we’re looking to expand that. We’re very pleased with the way things are going.
RL: I know you have another job. Do they go well together?
Joe: Oh yes. This one is nice and therapeutic and it’s an opportunity for people to have to not pay out huge amounts of money for new tools and for us to be able to regenerate their old ones for them.