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Christmasville comes to Adventure Island  

There’s a world of magic and wonder waiting to be enjoyed from this weekend (Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 November) at Adventure Island, on Southend seafront. Get set for sackloads of festive fun with all your favourite rides and experiences plus some very special new ones… Fresh for 2017, Adventure Wonderland now features Christmasville,the cute village where Father Christmas’ elves live. As the Big Day (25th December, in case you parents had forgotten….) gets ever closer Santa visits Christmasville to see how the elves are progressing with all his plans. Despite being rushed off his feet, Father Christmas will always make time for the little ones – children and elves –to have a chat and if they’ve been good, he’ll give them a magic star to exchange for a toy of their choice at the Adventure Wonderland Christmas Toy Store.

“Christmasville is our exciting new attraction, created to ensure even more good boys and girls can meet the big fella himself. The project cost £250K and has taken seven months to complete,” says Adventure Island’s very own Elf Minister (AKA Managing Director), Marc Miller.

After its opening weekend of Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November, Adventure Wonderland will re-open on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd December, it will then run every day from Saturday 9th December. Admission includes access to all this fun: Four rides in Adventure Inside plus five outside rides (in Adventure Island - including Rage and Skydrop*), Adventure Inside’s huge indoor Soft Play Centre and massive selection of state-of-the-art game machines –complete with five free plays –activities in the groovy Grotto, including meeting Mother Christmas, enjoying an art and craft session, rocking along with Santa’s Quo, snacking on a free Christmas cookie

A Feast of Festive Fun

On Wednesday 29th November you really will know the ‘holidays are coming’ when you see the iconic Coca Cola Christmas Truck in Victoria Circus. Complete with entertainment between 1pm and 9pm, this is your chance to ‘taste the feeling’ of Christmas with the world’s most recognised brand.

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Park for free at The Royals A little gift to you – presented by the ‘Royals Footman’

Between 3pm and 6pm, you can enjoy an afternoon of free parking, available on five selected days each month until June 2018.

And there’s no need to drive round and round and round for ages looking for a space. The Royals’ 24-hour multi-storey offers over 400 secure spaces for cars, making it an easy to find, convenient place to park up and enjoy all that the shopping centre, nearby High Street and world-famous seafront has to offer. There are also designated disabled bays and spaces reserved for parents with young children.

So, in answer to the big question - ‘When can I park for free?’ - here are the current dates for 2017/18: 

Monday 13th – Friday 17th November 2017*    Monday 8th – Friday 12th January 2018*  Monday 5th – Friday 9th February 2018*

Monday 19th – Friday 23rd March 2018*  Monday 23rd – Friday 27th April 2018*  Monday 14th – Friday 18th May 2018*

Monday 4th – Friday 8th June 2018*    NB: * Only between 3-6pm

And if you decide to take up the free parking offer, then our very own ‘Royals Footman’ will be on hand at the entrance barrier, handing out tickets and generally facilitating a pleasant parking experience!? For more information about the latest news, updates and events at The Royals Shopping Centre, visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @royalsshopping.