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Stambridge Community Primary School
Stambridge Road, Stambridge,
Rochford, Essex, SS4 2AP

Head teacher - Mrs M Sealeaf
01702 544369
Stambridge Community Primary

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“Introducing the Head”
Talking with Maureen Sealeaf, Head of Stambridge Community School  
(16th  December 2010)

There are those who would wonder where Stambridge School is – Stambridge of course! Some think it has the disadvantage of being outside Rochford (a mile to the east, “Past the Cherry Tree”, they will say) but it has the advantages of being a small school surrounded by countryside with a church and spire next to it to act as markers.
We had ourselves invited to the younger children’s ‘nativity play’ and then button-holed the head afterwards. You’ll see our comments about welcome at the end, but it shows the grace and stamina of head teachers when you are still welcomed brightly near the end of term after an evening event!  
A key person in a school has to be the head, which is why we sought out this interview to profile another school in Rochford – OK Stambridge is included because many of the children come from Rochford – and it was good visit, the first of what we hope may be many more in the future. We talked for over half an hour before I remembered what I had come for. Here it is!