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The Square
“Sunshack Tanning Salon”

Sunshack Tanning Salon

7 West Street, Rochford, SS4 1BE


01702 531900

Talking with  Sunshack Tanning Salon (4th January 2011)

(NB> Prices have increased slightly since January 2011)


Rochford Life:  Tell me, if I came here to be tanned, what would happen?

Sunshack:  You could have a sun-bed! We would advise you first. We’d look at your skin type and tell you what happens and then put you on a bed for a certain number of minutes. People with olive skin go longer. Usually we start you off with four minutes for fair skin.  


RL: How do you decide how long to do?

SS:  Well I wouldn’t do more than four minutes because my skin is so fair. Other people might do seven or eight minutes or up to fifteen minute sessions. Everyone is different. Try it at the lower times first.


RL: You don’t look like you’ve just come back from the Mediterranean so you obviously do it fairly lightly, so you must do it for skin benefit?

SS:  Yes, that’s right. At the moment, in the winter, we get lots of doctors’ referrals to counter psoriasis, all sorts of arthritis, S.A.D. (Seasonal affective disorder, or winter depression), all sorts of things.






Because of lack of sunlight in the winter the hospitals get packed – because they have sun-beds in the hospital – and because the waiting list is so long, when the doctors say you need light treatment, you can come here if you get fed up with waiting. Those sort of people will only do the same sort of time as me because they’re not trying to get a tan; they’re just doing it for health reasons.
RL: On your price list you have ‘courses’. What is a course then?
SS: You just buy sessions in bulk. It works out cheaper if you are coming here a number of times, and you can spread it over whatever period you want to be doing it, or you can share it among a couple of people, in the family say.  

RL: Do you need to book up to do this?
SS:  No, just pop in. We have two lay-down beds and two stand-ups for different strengths so someone like myself would use a regular bed because it is a lot weaker, but people with olive skins would want to use the stronger beds. So we have a regular lay-down and stand-up and a stronger lay-down and stand-up. In the end room we have the Oscill-8 which is a vibrating machine for helping you lose weight. Again they had them in the hospitals for losing weight and so the salons have caught onto the idea and we have them as well.

RL: Right, thanks for that. That sounds very tempting. It only goes to show what we have on our doorstep without realise it is here. I may be back!