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Sunshack Tanning Salon

7 West Street, Rochford, SS4 1BE

01702 531900

Talking with  Sunshack Tanning Salon (4th January 2011)

(NB> Prices have increased slightly since January 2011)


Rochford Life:  Tell me, if I came here to be tanned, what would happen?

Sunshack:  You could have a sun-bed! We would advise you first. We’d look at your skin type and tell you what happens and then put you on a bed for a certain number of minutes. People with olive skin go longer. Usually we start you off with four minutes for fair skin.  

RL: How do you decide how long to do?

SS:  Well I wouldn’t do more than four minutes because my skin is so fair. Other people might do seven or eight minutes or up to fifteen minute sessions. Everyone is different. Try it at the lower times first.