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33. Under the Knife - Knee Replacement

That’s how operations used to be referred to. “He’s going under the knife.”  Well, depending on the operation, modern medicine uses scalpels or even lasers, I believe, which seem much more genteel than the thought of a knife being used, as we might have seen in some period drama of TV or film.

I am loathe on these pages to reveal personal details, except when the story warrants it, but it has been suggested to me that this could be a helpful page for those who might be facing something similar. I can only write about personal experience here, and this is what this is. I have had several instances of people asking me about “my operation” which was for the replacement of a knee. I write, therefore, to reassure those of you in our age bracket (for this is where it will mostly occur) who might be facing this possibility. I’ll try not to leave out any of the essentials for you.