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Silver Surfer Articles
34. Under the Knife - Eye Operations

There appear to be an increasing number of more elderly people who are finding the need for a cataract removal operation and, having had a number of conversations about such things, it was suggested to me that it would be helpful if I would record my experiences at Southend Hospital in this past year. (This is the second of these ‘reports’, the first being on a knee replacement on P.33 of the Silver Surfer pages, and this one now speaks of a retina repair and cataract removal.)

You’ve heard the old things about ‘you can never get a bus but then three come along at once’, well this past year has been like that with me and Southend Hospital. The last time I had been admitted to hospital was when I was a child to have my tonsils out.  Then last year (2011) I was admitted in October for a knee replacement. That, I thought, was it.