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Rayleigh, Rochford & Castle Point 
Talking Newspapers for the Blind
(Southend Association of Voluntary Services)
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The Talking Newspapers provide a service of local news, information and articles from the Echo and other publications, read by teams of volunteers and copied to USB memory sticks.
The past 12 months
Last April we decided to take the plunge and go digital.
Cassette tapes and CDs are now rather outdated and we thought we should move with the times and keep up with all the wonderful technology that’s available to us.
Our Committee came up with a plan, a timetable and a budget and it was all hands on deck. We needed to buy special players, hundreds of memory sticks, two duplicating machines, new laptops – the list went on and on. In the current financial climate we thought it was going to be a difficult job to raise the money. Oh, but we’d underestimated our Fundraiser, Jean Harrison! She left no stone unturned, and contacted as many local businesses, schools, groups and clubs she could think of. She organised collections in local streets, supermarkets and after theatre performances.
The money was slow to come in ..... at first. Then it seemed to gather momentum and by the end of 2011 we had more than enough to launch our project.
The players and instructions were sent out, and volunteers were put on standby to visit listeners who may need extra help. And now – 11 months after our decision – we are DIGITAL.
Our recordings are sent, entirely free of charge, to anyone in these districts who is blind, partially sighted, or simply finds it difficult to read. There is no need to be registered sight impaired.
The USB memory sticks arrive by post in padded wallets every fortnight, with FREEPOST return labels. We can even provide a special player for those who do not have their own.
If you, or someone you know, would like to find out what’s going on locally, and can’t manage to read the paper – or if you wish to know more about what we do – please get in touch.

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