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Year-Round Seasonal Reflections
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The ‘Seasonal’ Reflections


Our seasonal reflections originally came out fortnightly at the appropriate point of the year, starting in the Autumn of 2010 and running through 2011.  Following comments of appreciation these have been edited and are now here permanently here as part of the ‘light reading’ element of Rochford Life. We have noted the time of writing each one purely for historical interest.  


This is the ‘front page’ of these reflections and we will simply add bits and pieces from time to time, where it will still be available for future reading. We hope you enjoy them.


Our objective each month has been to highlight the things that happen at that particular time of the year. It may be the changing seasons seen by climate changes, but it also includes things which we do as a society. Such as?


If this page were written half way round the globe from here, it might contain very different things but we don’t celebrate ‘Groundhog Day’ - whenever that is - so before you turn to any page, pause and reflect and see what you think are things that make that time of the year what it is for us.  Click on the side bar and see if you agree.


Happy reading.

Actress Rachel Ward, now living in Australia, far from her original home of Oxfordshire, was recently quoted as saying, “I miss the seasons, the wild flowers, the spring blossom on the trees, those long dark winter nights followed by early dawns.” We felt it was good to remind ourselves of these things that we so easily take for granted and so in this part of the magazine we’ll be adding a seasonal flavour to help us appreciate even more the time of the year we may be in. We hope you will enjoy these pages.