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The District Council often produce wise counsel and here is another one of their press releases to do with reducing waste

More Top Tips to Reduce Waste!

It is not just food waste we need to be careful with, have you ever given much thought to those cups of tea that go cold, large bottles of fizzy drink that are too big to finish and half-drunken bottles of wine? When poured down the sink, the costs all add up hitting our wallets and the environment.

Here are some useful tips which will help our residents reduce the amount of drink wasted in their homes:

 Freeze leftover wine in ice cube tray to use later in casseroles, stews etc

 Drink herbal teas even when they have gone cold - they taste as good.

Write dates on fresh fruit juice drink cartons to ensure it is consumed within advised timespan.

 To keep fizz in drinks always put cap back on bottle as soon as you have poured it and store upright in fridge.

 If you find you make a drink in morning and don’t get round to drinking it before you leave for work - put in flask and finish on train or when you get to work.

 If milk is about to go off or you’re going away, put milk into ice cube trays in the freezer. Great for emergency tea and coffee!

 Use tea left in teapot to soak fruit for fruitcake.

 If you make your own fresh fruit drinks - use pulp left over in cakes, especially delicious in orange and carrot cake.

 Serve children’s breakfast cereals in a mug - they can eat cereals with spoon and then drink milk- saves milk being thrown away at breakfast time.

 If you have leftover juice - make homemade ice lollies with it.

 If children often leave drinks, serve in smaller tumbler.

 Sprinkle coffee grounds around areas of ant infestation to deter them

 Use coffee grounds to use as a help for scrubbing pans, roasting trays, bbq racks etc, just put into a cloth, tie with elastic band and scrub away

For more information about your local recycling scheme visit www.rochford.gov.uk/recycling

For more information on Love Food Hate Waste visit www.lovefoodhatewaste.com