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Wassailing on Sunday

Sunday 28th January

at 2 pm to 3.30 pm.

St Laurence Orchard

Local mental health and wellbeing charity Trust Links is organising an annual Wassailing event at St Laurence Orchard this Sunday.

Wassailing is a traditional orchard blessing to wake the trees up for the Spring, leading to a good harvest later in the year. The whole family is welcome to come to this fun community event. The tree wassailing custom was widespread in Elizabethan and Stuart times.

St Laurence Orchard is a one acre remnant of smallholdings that have been across Eastwood for 100 years. The Orchard has a wide variety of apple and fruit trees

There will be spiced apple juice, traditional folk tunes, children’s crafts and a tour around the Orchard.

Matt King, CEO of Trust Links, said “We are delighted to celebrate Wassailing again for the fourth year in a row with the whole community. It is an enjoyable event to mark the beginning of the year and our programme of maintainence at St Laurence Orchard. The Orchard is a special place in Southend, a haven for wildlife and a place for people to escape to to enjoy the great outdoors. Being outside and meeting with other people are both good for mental health and wellbeing.”

Wassailing will take place on Sunday 28th January at 2 pm to 3.30 pm. St Laurence Orchard is located on Eastwoodbury Lane on the corner with St Laurence Way. For more details visit or call the Trust Links office on 01702 213134.