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Waterman Primary
Front Page

Waterman Primary School,  
The Boulevard, Rochford,

Head: Mrs.Welch
01702 546237
Throughout the existence of Rochford Life, this exceptional school has opened its doors to us and the following are the interviews recording the ethos, the progress and changes in the school over that period (most recent at bottom). Simply scroll down and click on the title link in each case to see the article on this remarkably transparent school.  (We have recently abstracted quotes from the many articles in the years 2010 to 2013. All the 2014 articles are still here.

Finding out about Mike Webb, new Chair of Governors - now he’s been in post a couple of months, we pick up on who the new Chair is and where he’s come from - January 8th 2014
Going to Work on an Egg - the start of the Spring Term 2014 finds some unusual objects discovered in the grounds, and the police and the media are called in to check it out - January 8th 2014
The Blue Egg Mystery:  Work by all of the classes on the Blue Egg Mystery Project in the Spring Term - January & February 2014
Catching up, Summer 2014 - discussing with the Head the difficulties of handling finances in the education world - July 22nd 2014