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Waterman Primary
Front Page

Waterman Primary School,  
The Boulevard, Rochford,

Head: Mrs.Welch
01702 546237
Throughout the existence of Rochford Life, this exceptional school has opened its doors to us and the following are the interviews recording the ethos, the progress and changes in the school over that period (most recent at top). Simply scroll down and click on the title link in each case to see the article on this remarkably transparent school.

The Blue Eggs Mystery:  Work by all of the classes on the Blue Eggs Mystery Project in the Spring Term - January & February 2014
Highlighting Teaching Assistants - a brief talk with Tracy Stevens to observe the work and effort that Teaching Assistants can put in to perform their roles - January 8th 2014
Finding out about Mike Webb, new Chair of Governors - now he’s been in post a couple of months, we pick up on who the new Chair is and where he’s come from - January 8th 2014
Going to Work on an Egg - the start of the Spring Term 2014 finds some unusual objects discovered in the grounds, and the police and the media are called in to check it out - January 8th 2014
Modern Educational Juggling - head teacher Rachel shares on her new life working further afield as well as in school - 29th November 2013
Burying a Time Capsule - afternoon assembly and burying the capsule - 27th November 2013
Opening the New Classroom for the Foundation Year starting in September - 17th July 2013
“It’s a New Day!” Talking with Rachel Welch, Head of Waterman School about changes on the way - 4th July 2013
Ofsted Report 2013  An extract from the March 2013 Ofsted report for this school
April 2013 Catchup: Talking with Chair of Governors Alan Sparks and visiting Kenyan teacher, Agnes, on 29th April 2013
Meeting the Deputy Head Teacher: Talking with Kelly Brown in 19th March 2013, the new Deputy Head who joined the school last Autumn
Time Travellers’ Nativity or “Who”: The Christmas presentation on the 12th December 2012 seeing Christmas through the eyes of two time travellers  
Catching up with the Head at the end of 2012: Talking with Rachel on 28th November 2012 on the things currently happening in the school.
Meet the new Chair of Governors: An interview with new Chair of Governors, Alan Sparks on 28th May 2012, as he shares who he is and his hopes for the school.
The Making of a Wildlife Pond:  Following the start of the work of creating the new wildlife pond in The Meadow on 12th May 2012.
Three New Projects: Talking with Head, Rachel, on the 10th May 2012 on the latest things happening in the school, the new Chair of Governors and three exciting new projects in the school grounds.
Running Blind: Head, Rachel, shares about her experience of running in the 2012 London Marathon for the Charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind. 10th May 2012.
Waterman’s Goes International: An interview on 26th January 2012 with Assistant Head Bruce McMillan as he sdhares about links with other parts of the world.
Being a New Teacher: An interview on 26th January 2012 with Louise Matthews a newly qualified teacher at Waterman School who shares what it is like being a new teacher.
Catching Up at the New Year: An interview on 12th January 2012 with the Head of Waterman Primary School, Rachel Welch looking into the new year.
The Waterman Experience: Rochford Life’s first monthly review page in September 2011 that looked at our encounters with this school over the past year.
Looking Forward - Looking Back: End of School Year Interview on 11th July 2011 with the Head of Waterman School, Rachel Welch, who views the next year and reviews the year that has been.
Meet an Assistant Head: Interview on 9th May 2011 with the second of the two Assistant Heads of Waterman School,  Bruce McMillan.
Meet an Assistant Head: Interview on 9th May 2011 with one of the two Assistant Heads of Waterman School, Debbie Kilbride.
Talking with Parents: Informal interviews on 17th March 2011 with the some of the parents of Waterman School who also showed their enthusiasm for the school.
Talking with Children: Interviews (or rather informal chats) on 26th January 2011 with small groups of the children of Waterman School.
Meet the Governor-Caretaker:  Interview on 5th January 2011 with the Governor-Caretaker of Waterman Primary School, Mark Vincent.
Meet the Acting Head: Interview on 16th December 2010 with the Acting Head of Waterman Primary School, Rachel Welch.
Meet a Chair of Governors: Interview on 23rd November 2010 with the Chair of Governors of Waterman Primary School, Becky Thomas.
Meet the Executive Head: Interview on 4th November 2010 with the Executive Head of Waterman Primary School, Debbie Rogan.