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Who We Are
Rochford Life is a non-commercial, community web site creating a constantly updated online magazine that reflects & brings together the people, organisations and life of Rochford, in order to build and strengthen the community. Rochford Life is all about people and it is free.

Rochford Life intends to bring into your home the working of Rochford – local government, education, churches, services, businesses, clubs, organisations, groups & people.

Rochford Life will come and talk with you and present you and your organisation, groups etc., in an easily understood and friendly way, to the whole community. All you have to do is ask us!

Rochford Life will collate information that is already in the public domain, but will seek to personalise it and add to it with YOUR help, and make it come alive to all our readers. We will only use such additional online information and photos as are approved by you.

This is a platform for you to display your organisation, school, business etc. at no cost. If at any time you do not like what is there, tell us and we will remove it instantly. Rochford Life is here for you.

Rochford Life will contain:
          · basic factual information
          · interviews with people
          · photos of events etc.
          · articles of interest.

Rochford Life will be available for you to request addition of information by a quick phone call, text, or e-mail, and possibly a meeting with us by arrangement.

Rochford Life will come to you at your convenience, at no charge, and discuss with you what you would like to see appearing online.  

Rochford Life will provide links to existing web sites associated with Rochford organisations and will always encourage their activities. We do not compete with existing web sites but seek to supplement them with a ‘personal touch’ that opens up the life of Rochford.

Rochford Life has a policy of respect for each and every person and organisation in Rochford. It will always seek to support and encourage all in the community.

Rochford Life intends to include information on (at least) the following groupings in Rochford and Ashingdon:
          · local authorities
          · education & schools
          · churches
          · community services – health, police, fire, library etc.
          · businesses & trades people
           · clubs & other organisations
          · helpline links

Rochford Life will also present regular articles and a wide variety of information for the whole family, often with the help of invited ‘guest’ or ‘expert’ writers.

To see how to make contact with our ‘rules of activity’, please click on the “Contact Us” button.