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Dementia Help in Rochford (Alzheimer’s Society)

Hannah Poulton works for the Alzheimer’s Society.

She and her colleague Michaela work in the Castlepoint and Rochford area and provide free support and information services to people affected by dementia.  They provide this service to anyone directly affected, as well as their families/carers and also can give information to those who are concerned about their memory and not sure where to turn. They provide home visits to provide information and to signpost to relevant organisations and charities and also run their own support and activity groups.

Dementia Café

Rochford Library

4th Monday of the month

10am – 12pm

If you would like help, or like to help, contact:

Hannah Poulton,  Dementia Support Worker - Castlepoint and Rochford Services Alzheimer’s Society -   01268 415914  

Alzheimer’s Society We have a great selection of gifts, branded merchandise and daily living products for sale
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Become a Dementia Friend  www.dementiafriends.org.uk   

Alzheimer's Society is a charity (registration no. 296645) and a company registered in England and Wales (registration no. 2115499). Registered office is Devon House, 58 St Katharine's Way, London E1W 1LB

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