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As we regularly receive NHS news bulletins for SE Essex, as from the beginning of 2017, for easier access, we will be putting all news items on two or three pages, the latest added item at the top of the first page, instead of creating separate pages for each news item. Simply scroll down to see the latter items

Healthwatch Launches Campaign to Celebrate Essex’s Healthcare Heroes

(16 April 2018)

This week Healthwatch Essex is launching a competition to encourage schoolchildren across the county to celebrate the people within the health service who have made the biggest difference to their lives.  

The ‘Lively Lives!’ campaign is designed to encourage young people to live active, healthy lifestyles and this year’s competition will ask children to design bunting which features a healthcare professional or a setting that has proved particularly important to them. The campaign, which is run in collaboration with the hospitals and Clinical Commissioning Groups in Essex, as well as Public Health England and Healthy Schools Essex, will highlight the importance of the people within the NHS who care for us and keep us fit and healthy.

The competition coincides with the 70th Birthday of the National Health Service and the winner stands to win £500-worth of activity equipment for their school or club, as well as a chance for their design to feature on the front of Healthwatch Essex’s official birthday promotions. All of the bunting entries will be put on display at hospitals or healthcare settings in Essex from 5th July, so that patients and their families can see the wealth of different experiences that young people have as they engage with healthcare professionals.

Dr David Sollis, CEO of Healthwatch Essex, said:

“People working across the county in health and social care environments make a huge difference to children from all walks of life and, as the National Health Service approaches its 70th birthday, we are hoping to capture some amazing stories of children’s lived experience of those services.   

“Our engagement activity with children in Essex has shown that many don’t do the recommended amount of exercise. Inactivity is a major cause of lifestyle-related illnesses and, given that we know active children are more likely to become active adults, introducing children to healthy lifestyles early in their lives is important - both for them as individuals and also to ensure that NHS Services are not over-burdened by preventative illnesses in the future.

“As part of this initiative, we hope that teachers and group leaders will take up the opportunity to use our resources to highlight the vast array of career opportunities within the NHS, how to use NHS services wisely and the importance of healthy living”

If you are a teacher or group leader in Essex, keen for your children to take part in the competition, please visit or email After registering online, you can download your entry pack and access a range of information, resources and activities which help to promote healthy living and the role that our healthcare heroes play in keeping us as fit and well as we can possibly be.

Mid and South Essex  

Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP)

14th March 2018

Announcement of successful provider for Integrated Urgent Care in mid and south Essex


Following a procurement process, we are pleased to formally announce that the successful bidder and future provider of Integrated Urgent Care (IUC) services for mid and south Essex is Integrated Care 24 (IC24).


IC24 is a not for profit social enterprise and is the current provider of NHS 111 and GP Out of Hours services in south Essex. They are also the current provider of the NHS 111 service across mid Essex.  


From 4th July 2018, IC24 will deliver a 24/7 NHS 111 telephony service supported by a clinical hub and GP Out of Hours service for 1.2 million people. Together these services are known as ‘Integrated Urgent Care’.


Through the clinical hub, patients with an urgent care need will receive assessment, advice, signposting and referral to local NHS services including access to GPs when GP practices are closed.  


The overall contract award decision was made by the Mid and South Essex STPCCG Joint Committee.


Caroline Rassell, Lead Accountable Officer for the Joint Committee, said: “All five CCGs across mid and south Essex look forward to working with IC24 to ensure local people continue to receive good quality urgent care services.”


Yvonne Taylor, Chief Executive of Integrated Care 24, said: ‘As the current provider of the integrated service in South Essex, as well as the NHS 111 service in Mid Essex, we already know the geography of the area well and have good working relationships with partners in other healthcare providers in the county.  


“We are excited to be delivering the first procured integrated urgent care service in this locality and are completely committed to ensuring that when residents need us we are ready to provide them with the best possible care.”