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Roche Art on Display

WI Hall, September 2017

It is always a pleasure to browse art exhibitions in Rochford - especially when they are free - and the Roche Art Group Autumn Exhibition in the WI Hall maintained its usual excellent standard and warm welcome.

As usual the curse of reflective glass and bright lighting made showing all the works here an impossibility but we have managed to display on this page sixteen which we believe will give a good idea of the quality and variety that we have long come to expect from RAG. Again, as usual, we have sought to convey the bare works of art sans frames and we apologise to the artists for any liberties we have taken displaying them here. And to those whose works do not appear here. All we can say is we wish the light had allowed us to capture more but the range here we found delightful, so thank you to you all for putting this on for us again. As well as the usual picture displays there were two artists (below) showing “this is what you do”!