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Rochford’s Architectural Heritage - P.4

Big is beautiful? Here are some examples:

Barclays Bank, listed grade II stock brick with stone detailing and ornament, very imposing, three storey Built in 1866  

24 East Street, Fir Tree House,

An 18th-century double fronted building, weather-boarded, two storey with attics and basement

No. 34, West St. Connaught House

A Grade II listed, built apparently in 1769, is a large imposing building used as offices

So far on these pages we have seen a number of large buildings. Most of which are brick. However throughout the central area of Rochford, weatherboarding (mostly white) is often seen.  Here are some examples:

64-66 West Street

Bottom of West St., right hand side. A grade II listed, 18th-century or earlier, weather-boarded,

 10-16 Weir Pond Road

(Left) Grade II listed cottages. Slate roofs and stock brick chimneys, which together with the slack roof pitch indicate a 19th-century date. (Note the scale and age of both sets - see right)


  2-8 Weir Pond Road

A row of rendered one-and-a-half storey cottages with dormers with fancy bargeboards. Grade II listed; probably 18th-century. They are rendered, but at the bottom of the front walls, there is a weather-boarded skirt or plinth.

38-40 North Street

(left) grade II listed, 18th or 19th-century, pair of semi-detached houses, front rendered and lined out, white painted, black weather-boarded flank,

36 North Street

18th- or 19th-century, listed grade II, tall narrow weather-boarded house with single storey weather-boarded garage and outbuilding

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55, North Street, Ash Cottage

(Left) A tall conspicuous partly weather-boarded detached house,indicative of a 19th-century date.

57-59 North Street

Brick and weatherboard houses with sash windows, separated by a wide carriage arch. A new development, possibly of the 1980s, to fit in nicely.

61-67 North Street

Row of weather-boarded cottages, grade II listed, 18th-century or earlier and 19th-century. Nos 61-63 have a sign ‘Cucumber Cottage circa 1700’.


67-69 West Street

Bottom of West St., left hand side. Grade II listed. Note the low eaves level with the weatherboarding makes them particularly picturesque    Probably 18th-century.

West Street:

South Street & Weir Pond Road:

 39-41 South Street

White weatherboard, black ends.  18th/19th century  (see also P.3)

North Street:

21-23 North Street

Two, formerly three, weather-boarded cottages, grade II listed, probably late 18th century

29-35 North Street

Grade II listed 18th-century or later cottages, with the Golden Lion public house at the north end.

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